You May Have To Cancel Your Summer Vacation, See Why…

What can you say about a president whose decisions actually hurt his people? Nothing good, of course. But that is just what Joe Biden has been doing since the first day he entered office.

One of his first decisions was to end the Keystone XL pipeline. This project would have not only brought thousands of jobs to the U.S., but it would have provided cheap, reliable fuel to millions. Soon after that, Joe banned drilling on federal land.

Those decisions hit America’s fuel independence hard, forcing us to buy oil from foreign entities (who are more than happy to rip us off). Soon after all that, a major pipeline was held hostage by foreign hackers. Millions of Americans were out of gas, as we paid blood money for our fuel.

Where was the CIA or the FBI during all this? We don’t know, probably cleaning up after Joe’s droppings.

Biden’s ongoing “America last” philosophy has hurt Americans nationwide. And now, experts are predicting that the pain at the pump will only get worse.

Gas prices have skyrocketed under Democrat President Joe Biden and analysts are warning Americans that their forecasts show that prices are going to keep surging for at least another several weeks…

“The national gas price average has increased 40% since the start of the year, from $2.25 on January 1 to $3.13 today,” AAA reported on Tuesday. “Moreover, it is not stopping there. Motorists can expect gas prices to increase another 10–20 cents through the end of August, bringing the national average well over $3.25 this summer.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Prices are getting higher, in part, due to negotiations falling through with OPEC. Hmm… wouldn’t it have been nice if the U.S. had plenty of oil to sell, outside of those crooks in OPEC? Oh wait, we did, until Joe Biden entered office.

And let’s not forget how badly Joe Biden “negotiates.” His team deliberately offends and upsets the other side, just to prove a point (as they did with China). Who suffers? The American people.

Joe Biden claimed he’d be a better president than Donald Trump. We haven’t seen a single shred of evidence to prove that. From all appearances, Joe Biden is ignoring regular Americans’ struggles. Instead, he bows to the radical left and those globalist swamp dwellers in D.C.

He is destroying our energy dominance, because environmentalists think gasoline is icky. I guess they think we can all afford Tesla’s, huh? Oh wait, where does that electricity come from? Not pixy dust.

Meanwhile, decisions that make it harder for American oil companies to provide fuel mean outside nations make bank. Those corrupt globalists in D.C. that are on China’s (and Russia’s and OPEC’s) payroll love that.

Hurting America’s fuel independence is big business! If you’re a worm who hates this country.

And that’s exactly who’s in the White House right now.

Author: Mack Graham