‘Woke’ Virtue Signaling Infects America’s Favorite Pastime

It seems that Major League Baseball is following suit with other pro-sports organizations in their decision to inject Left-Wing, Woke, or otherwise unnecessary measures in an effort to signal their obedience to liberals.

Recently theThe San Francisco Giants announced to fans that they will feature rainbow colors on their hats and uniforms in celebration of ‘Pride Month’ throughout June.

The MLB team revealed their decision on Twitter, explaining the meaning behind the colors of the Pride flag:

It didn’t take long for California’s Far-Left governor Gavin Newsom to chime in, congratulation the San Fransisco team for their “celebration” of gay rights.

Sports journalists reported that other aspects of Major League Baseball will follow the Brave’s lead.

“Billy Bean, MLB’s first ambassador for inclusion, will take part in Saturday’s events at Oracle Park, where the palm trees in Willie Mays Plaza will be wrapped in the 11 colors of the Pride flag,”

Giants manager Gabe Kapler added that he is “very proud of our team for taking this step and we look forward to the support we can provide to the LGBT+ community.”

Larry Baer, Giants President and CEO, also a known donor to GOP causes, voiced his support for the decision to inject his team with pro-gay politics, adding, “We at Braves are allies to anyone who considers themselves LGBTQ+.”

Pride celebrations kicked off on the first of this month across the world. Parades are thrown in nearly every city and small town across the United States. Why, then, does the celebration of gay rights have to spill over into the realm of pro sports? Could it be that given the recent drop in attendance due to coronavirus restrictions, team owners are grasping at straws, attempting to to increase viewership and stadium attendance even it means kowtowing to an already-heavily represented liberal celebration?

Author: Val Dohm