‘Woke’ Army Video Sparks Nationwide Outrage

Under President Trump, our military was the strongest it’s been in a long time. And I mean a long time.

Thanks to him, the Armed Forces got the biggest pay increase in many years. He fixed many problems within the Pentagon. And ensured that our military was being funded so it can be the most advanced in the world.

Oh, what a difference a few months makes.

As soon as Joe Biden entered office, the military fell into chaos and disarray. The head of the Pentagon prioritized rooting our “white supremacy” rather than ensuring our military could actually defend us. From the Army to the Coast Guard, the leaders of our Armed Forces are more concerned with political correctness, rather than protecting our borders.

Want proof? Take a look at this obnoxious video, where soldiers are marching… while wearing COVID face diapers.

Because it’s more important to signal to the left that they’re complying with (outdated) CDC rules, than actually doing their job.

People online were merciless.

A U.S. Army video compilation featuring soldiers marching in cadence with masks on has sparked criticism and mocking, after the service’s official Twitter account posted it on Thursday…

Columnist Tim Young tweeted: “Aren’t they all vaccinated? Why are they wearing masks outside?”

Retired Army Col. Kurt Schlichter tweeted a cadence of his own, calling the Army “a disaster” and “woke”

BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer tweeted, “The military isn’t what you think it is” [Source: Breitbart]

If this doesn’t bother you, it should. Our Armed Forces have one job: to protect the United States from its enemies. That job comes before whatever politics are popular in D.C. at the time. But it’s painfully clear that under Joe Biden, the last thing our military is concerned with is protecting America.

Instead, it is much more concerned with appearing as woke and PC as possible. Even though soldiers should be vaccinated and in good health, they still want them wearing masks while marching?

That doesn’t even make sense. They are outdoors and exercising. Don’t they need fresh air so they don’t… I don’t know… pass out?

It’s even more comical when you realizing they are trying to recite a cadence. Wasn’t there anyone in the Pentagon that looked at this video and thought, “Hey, this is stupid”?

But this is the U.S. military under Sleepy Joe Biden. Biden has never had much respect for our military. There are plenty of clips online of him insulting our troops—to their faces. And those progressives that are really calling the shots in the White House hate the Army even more. It shouldn’t surprise us that they are using the military to push their radical agenda.

Other responses to the video included, “The soldiers wearing masks? Really? Face screaming in fear That’s absurd, no… wait… ridiculous!” “They’re outside. Wearing masks. But the drill sergeant isn’t wearing one?,” and “yeah we’re monumentally screwed.”

Now, tell me, would any of our enemies fear that?

Author: Sam Anderson