Woke Apocalypse: Netflix Slashes Content as Users Flee

We learned last week that Netflix, the major streaming app that employs Obama and his former staffers, was hemorrhaging users. It’s getting so bad that the company is going to crack down on password sharing, the streaming equivalent of shaking couch cushions for loose change.

It is pretty obvious why Netflix keeps losing users. For years, they been dumping quality content for “original series” that have served as Trojan horses for woke content. The company, run by leftists and former Obama administration staffers, is trying us exploit its long history of popularity to push progressive propaganda. And that agenda has finally caught up with them.

Now, in a desperate bid to save money, they are slashing and burning everything.

As consumers dump their Netflix subscriptions in droves, the far-left streamer is reportedly taking an ax to its animation department, cutting programming and firing employees in the latest sign that the company’s days of carefree spending are over.

Netflix laid off its director of creative leadership and development for original animation, Phil Rynda, along with some of his staff,  according to a report from The Wrap. The streamer has also pulled the plug on existing and in-development shows…

Planned animated series based on Jeff Smith’s popular comic book series Bone and Roald Dahl’s novel The Twits have been cancelled. An upcoming series based on Lauren Faust’s Toil and Trouble will also not move forward.

A number of existing shows that were critically acclaimed though not necessarily popular hits have also been cancelled, according to The Wrap. [Source: Breitbart]

It appears Netflix’s woke agenda is finally catching up with them. Over 200,000 subscribers dumped the service at the start of this year, with some saying they will lose 2 million more. Shares for the company have dropped 40% in one week, wiping out $50 billion in worth.

Netflix used to provide the biggest movies and most popular shows, including Marvel and Disney films, and hits like The Office. But the company was dumping this kind of content long before Peacock and Disney+. They switched to creating its own programming that prioritizes woke ideology over entertainment.

Users are clearly getting sick of this agenda and are leaving in droves. Now, the company is taking desperate measures to stay alive.

But what is missing from this news is any sign that Netflix will abandon this woke policy for content that attracts conservative and other users. It seems they are willing to go down with that ship, even when salvation is in sight.

Author: Bo Dogan