Woke Agenda Fails in Unlikely Place–SF Parents Recall Radical School Board

Over the last year, we’ve learned about parents finally fighting back against progressive public schools. Perhaps the pandemic opened their eyes to the kind of stuff liberal teachers were spoon-feeding their children. But whatever the reason, parents all over the country started to push back against the toxic curriculum being taught to their children.

And the left didn’t like that one bit. Even Biden’s DOJ accused parents of being “domestic terrorists” based on unproven claims of threats of violence. That hasn’t deterred Americans from demanding bad curricula be removed from the schools. But far-left leaders on school boards refused. The solution was obvious: get rid of these bad board members.

A recall election took place in far-left San Francisco. You might think these school board members had it made in the shade. Not even close.

San Francisco voters overwhelmingly chose to recall three school board members on Tuesday, expressing public frustration at prolonged school lockdowns and ideological obsessions.

Early results on Tuesday evening showed the recall leading by three-to-one margins in each race, and the result was later confirmed, dealing a swift verdict on “woke” ideology, left-wing coronavirus policies, and the intransigence of teachers’ unions about reopening schools during the pandemic.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) board member Alison Collins was recalled with 79% of the vote; Gabriela López was recalled with 75% of the vote; and Faauuga Molina was recalled with 72% of the vote. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. The results weren’t even close. Predominately liberal voters overwhelmingly voted to get rid of three school board members known for their far-left agenda. The numbers are simply staggering. These people were decimated, as voters resoundingly rejected their woke ideology and other terrible decisions that hurt students.

This should be setting off alarm bells in Democrat circles. San Francisco is one of the most progressive, left-leaning cities in America. In the most liberal state in America. Yet voters rejected leftist school board members in landslide recall elections. There’s no question that, even in liberal cities, parents are done with progressives pushing them around.

Parents had to watch their kids suffer, forced to put up with poor education thanks to one-hour Zoom classes. The mental health of millions of children plummeted because corrupt school boards were pandering to selfish teacher’s unions. On top of that, parents were shocked that school boards were pushing curricula that tarnished our history and painted our founding fathers as villains.

Similar elections have been happening all across America. Is it a sign of what’s to come in November? It’s hard not to think this rejection of Biden-era wokism is only growing. And that Democrats across the country will have a hard time holding onto their jobs.

Author: Bo Dogan