Will Newsom Be Saved? Recall Results Prove Democracy In Peril

To be frank, it was obvious Gavin Newsom would stave off recall and keep his job as governor of California. Despite his flaws, failures, and hypocrisy, the current state of democracy almost ensures Democrat victory. As it stands, individual votes in Democrat-run states and cities have little meaning. It’s truly a ‘prepare for the worse, but hope for the best’ situation when the cheating Demonrats are involved.

It appears Gov. Newsom will remain in office after the results of Tuesday’s recall election show him victorious by a landslide. The last minute surge of support is questionable at best since everyone with a brain knows voters were not galvanized by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both of which stooped for the embattled governor this week.

Newsome was elected as California’s governor in 2018 and survived the Republican recall effort despite its massive support across the state. Over two-thirds of recall voters opted to keep the Far-Left governor in office. For those who voted to recall Newsom (33%), approximately 43% of them hoped to see conservative radio host Larry Elder assume office.

His “victory” in California marks the most significant electoral triumph for the Democrats since Georgia’s Senate runoffs in January, which gave the Far-Left party majorities in both chambers of Congress.

Polls showed those supporting Newsom leading those wanting to recall him by just 0.2% as recently as Aug. 11, as COVID-19 cases again surged and wildfires continued to ravage the state. But as Elder became the race’s clear Republican frontrunner over candidates ranging from former San Diego Kevin Faulconer to Caitlyn Jenner, scandals and accusations soon followed.

As Democratic enthusiasm began to increase, Newsom attacked Elder over his opposition to vaccine mandates, warning that such policies could lead to the recent case surges witnessed in other Republican states.

Newsom was aided by Biden, who campaigned alongside him Monday and compared Elder to former President Donald Trump, who is deeply unpopular in the state.

Trump himself said Tuesday that Newsom “will probably win … because the California Election is totally Rigged,” and Elder on Monday urged his supporters to donate to an election fraud website.

It is not yet known whether the results from the recall election will be challenged.

Author: Asa McCue