WHO Bows To China Once Again — And Biden Is Right Behind Them

Investigators at the World Health Organization have decided to abandon a planned interim report on the origins of the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China 

WHO investigators traveled to Wuhan last month as part of its ongoing investigation into the origins of the Coronavirus. Upon their arrival they learned China was not willing to hand over access to the lab rumored to be the birthplace of the virus, resulting in an inability to properly investigate the possible sources of the virus. The investigative mission was conducted by WHO officials and scientists in China, whose approval will be needed by the Communist regime for any subsequent report on the matter.

According to reports, China is pressuring WHO to investigate the possibility of different origins of the virus outside of China, namely in frozen food processing plants. 

Peter Ben Embarek, a food-safety scientist and the leader of the WHO team, said that they will release a summary along with the finalized report, which “will be published in coming weeks and will include key findings,” according to a spokesperson for the WHO.

Biden’s Secretary of State recently criticized China’s lack of transparency over the investigation into the 

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