White House Tells Biggest Anti-Trump Lie Yet

The infamous Jen Psaki is at it again.

The red-hot White House Press Sec. claimed on Tuesday that Former President Donald Trump did nothing to help bring peace between Israel and many Arab nations. She intentionally ignored the numerous deals brokered by Trump’s administration, normalizing relations with many rivaling countries in the Middle East.

She told reporters:

“Aside from putting forward a peace proposal that was dead on arrival, we don’t think they did anything constructive really to bring an end to the long-term conflict in the Middle East,”

Psaki was reacting to a reporter’s question about the Abraham Accords established by Trump’s Middle East envoy that helped garner multiple peace deals between Israel and many Arab nations.

While Trump’s diplomatic efforts were largely celebrated as a success, the Left-leaning liberal media worked tirelessly to conceal the historic breakthrough.

Meanwhile, violence in the region is at its highest level since 2014 – the last time Biden was in the White House. Under his leadership, Israeli citizens have faced numerous rocket attacks launched by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. There was no such threat during Trump’s tensure.

The Former President issued a press statement to his new website, attributing the surge of violence in the region as clear indication of Biden’s “weakness” in his support for Israel.

Psaki attempted to distance herself from Trump’s diplomatic efforts, urging, “we are not following the same tactics of the previous administration.”

In other words, the Biden administration is intentionally and transparently weakening its support for Israel and, as a result, violence has surged. This foreign policy decision was made solely to create distance between Biden and his predecessor.

Psaki admitted that Biden has restored foreign aid to the Palestinian terrorists – using taxpayer dollars to fund military unrest in the region.

Psaki reiterated that the current administration is taking a more behind-the-scenes approach to their diplomatic efforts with Israel and Palestine, saying, “Biden’s been at it long enough to know the most effective way is not to debate foreign policy in public.”

But despite his experience, violence continues to rage on.

Psaki’s comments are a subtle jab at the differing tones between Trump and Biden’s administration, with the former being more vocal in their celebration for peace, while the later secretly brokers deals with terrorists as violence wages on.

However, earlier in the year, Biden’s State Dept. head Tony Blinken voiced his support for Trump’s efforts, saying, “We very much support the Abraham Accords. We think that Israel normalizing relations with its neighbors and other countries in the region is a very positive development.”

Author: Sebastian Hayworth