White House Struggles To Explain Biden’s Creepy Past

“Resignation for thee but not for me.”

That’s the tune currently being sung by the Biden White House after questions arose of Joe’s colored past.

During his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden was shielded from any culpability over the credible sexual assault allegations lobbed against him. His victims were largely barred from appearing on Mainstream Media networks, and many of the claims were wholly dismissed.

But now, with his buddy Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing serious consequences for his office misconduct, it was just a matter of time before concerns over Biden’s creepy sexual past.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki scrambled to dip and dodge from a reporter after he asked about the sexual assault allegations against Biden.

Psaki breezed by the topic, claiming the allegations against Biden were “heavily litigated during the campaign.” To what degree were these allegations litigated? Does Psaki expect everyone just to forget a series of events that unfolded less than one year ago?

The truth is, the accusations against Biden never faced any serious scrutiny in the media or elsewhere. They were brushed under the rug as if nothing happened, or even worth looking into. The Mainstream Media protected Biden by throwing his accusers under the bus.

Biden has been accused of inappropriate touching and other extreme behavior, like skinny dipping in front of female secret service agents. A former senate staffer for Biden, Tara Reade, accused the president of using forceful touching and kissing in his senate office.

Questions on Biden’s sexual assault claims come after he called for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation following a damning Attorney General report.

The report highlighted damning evidence of Cuomo’s habit of sexual abusing former staffers then intimidating them into staying silent. Biden even predicted that his former political ally would be criminally prosecuted for breaking state and federal law.

Cuomo has denied the charges, saying he is a friendly person who likes hugging and kissing, and has so far refused to resign. He is up for reelection next year and it remains unclear whether he plans to seek a fourth term. His father Mario Cuomo was also a three-term governor of New York and a liberal icon.

Biden has faced complaints over the years that he is too physical and familiar with women, though the Reade allegation is the first charge of serious sexual misconduct against him.

…And Biden had the audacity to use Trump’s treatment of women as an issue on the campaign trail.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth