White House Staffers Plan Mass Exodus, Leave Helpless Joe To Fend For Himself

It’s no secret that Biden and Harris have not had a great few weeks. Truth be told, they’ve been having a pretty terrible year. Not that it isn’t their fault. On the back of horrible polls from mainstream outlets, word came that both offices were fighting.

It seems, with Harris’s numbers being so low, that Biden is trying to sideline her. There is fighting between Biden and Harris’s offices, as rumors swirl that the VP’s staff are in disarray. We ever heard murmurings about the congressional process for replacing a vice president.

Things are not going smoothly in the White House. And, hot off the heels of this drama come two high-profile resignations.

White House communications chief Emma Riley, has resigned to join the Labor Department, following the announcement that Vice President Kamala Harris’ communications director was quitting…

Her announcement followed the resignation of Harris’ communications director, Ashley Etienne, on Thursday.

Both resignations follow the significant drop in poll numbers for Biden and Harris, as a poll released on Nov. 7 by USA Today/Suffolk University placed the president’s approval rating at 38% and the vice president’s at 28%. [Source: Just the News]

Uh, this is odd. Why would someone leave the White House to go running around after the Secretary of Labor? That is not what we call upward mobility. That’s not even a lateral move. By all appearances, a job in the DOL is lower than a job in the president’s office. Yet Riley is “excited” to do it. Probably because she is abandoning a sinking ship.

It’s even more obvious about Ashley Etienne leaving Harris’s office. Both of these people were responsible for the communications of Biden and Harris’s officers respectively. And nobody wants that job, these days.

You thought it was hard running PR for the Trump administration? Imagine trying to make sense of an administration in such chaos, that they don’t even know what their boss is going to say minute to minute. Riley was probably one of the people responsible for coming up with Biden’s comments. She was probably chewed out every time that old fool said something idiotic.

Who would want to stick around in that job?

It was hard running Trump’s PR because the liberal media was merciless. So, why are Democrats fleeing Biden and Harris’s communications departments? Shouldn’t these be cake-walk jobs? Not when your administration is a mess of incompetent leaders and corrupt swamp dwellers.

We shouldn’t be surprised to hear more people fleeing in the coming weeks and months. The real surprise is that anyone is sticking around.

Author: Joe Paxton