White House Staffers Can’t Bear To Watch Biden’s Decline Any Longer

The cognitively decline of Joe Biden has grown increasingly apparent lately, but it’s something the American people have always known. Biden’s staffers are not blind; they can clearly see the man they work for in a state of perpetual confusion, which oftentimes is broadcasted live for the world to see.

Sleepy Joe’s mental state has caused America’s standing in the world to decline, and frankly is harmful to national security.

Those who work in the White House are well aware of his blunders, and many have reported muting the TV every time Joe goes live.

Some White House staffers have muted or turned off the TV when President Joe Biden gives public remarks because they anticipate him making a blunder or trailing off, according to recent reporting.

“I know people who habitually don’t watch it live for that reason,” one current official told a news outlet.

Biden has been known to make public gaffes and in the past few months has been more freewheeling with his remarks. In July, he accused Facebook of killing people because of the misinformation spread on the social media site about COVID-19 vaccines.

He later backtracked from these remarks, forgetting that many former Facebook staffers were gifted with positions in his administration:

In June, after he announced an agreement was reached with GOP senators on an infrastructure deal, he backtracked and said he would only sign it if Congress also passed a multi-trillion-dollar package focused on “human infrastructure” programs like subsidized childcare, climate change, and home caregiving.

“If they don’t (both) come, I’m not signing it. Real simple,” Biden said.

He quickly walked back those remarks.

The president also claimed this year that 90% of Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan were evacuated.

On a separate occasion, the president also claimed he had come to the Senate 120 years ago.

In a recent event with Jewish leaders, Biden falsely claimed he visited the Tree of Life Synagogue following the devastating 2019 shooting. An executive at the synagogue later rebutted Biden’s fairytale.

At the same event, Biden told the years-long lie he’s had in his back pocket throughout his political career. Sleepy Joe claimed he is somehow linked to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, a white lie he uses to give himself clout with leftists.

And just this week, Biden made a trip to the East Coast to tour the damage done by tropical storm Ida. Joe went on his typical climate change spiel, vowing to do away with coal and bring about “100% clean emissions” by…2020?

While on the East Coast, Biden seemed to forget that tornadoes exist:

The list of gaffes goes on and on.

Jen Psaki herself admitted on a podcast with Democrat strategist David Axelrod that Biden’s press team oftentimes urges him not to speak with reporters.

“A lot of times, we say, ‘Don’t take questions,” press secretary Jen Psaki said.

Meanwhile, White House staffers are cringing at their boss and the American people are cringing at their president. As entertaining as Joe Biden may be, his endless gaffes continue to be a source of embarrassment.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth