White House Rumor Sends Shockwaves — Kamala’s Days Are Numbered

Nothing like a juicy D.C. rumor to get the week started — especially one that highlights the dysfunction of the Biden-Harris administration!

Multiple reports have emerged from D.C. pointing to the breakdown between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, including their staffers, who are in an apparent battle for relevancy as both struggle to regain popularity with the American people.

Even CNN has caught on, publishing a story that caught Kamala’s attention and caused mass outrage in the West Wing. In the story, over a dozen current and former staffers for the Biden-Harris administration revealed massive tumult between the president and his number two, and hinted at the tyrannical way in which Kamala manages her staff.

Harris and her closest associates apparently aren’t shy to express their annoyance over Biden’s insistence to “sideline” the vice president by giving her menial tasks without the opportunity to shine with Americans.

They’ve even hinted that Biden’s camp is “racist” for putting Kamala on the back burner.

Meanwhile, the White House is desperate to dispel rumors of a feud between Joe and Kamala.

Biden’s team is apparently looking at options for Kamala since tensions have ceased to mend.

So much for the “unity” president.

As a result, it’s been rumored that Joe Biden will nominate Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court, defying a previous promise not to expand the nation’s highest legal body.

Harris’ dismal first year as Vice President does little to quell these rumors.

According to a USA Today poll of registered voters released just last week, the failed presidential candidate and current VP is polling at just 28% approval. Biden isn’t fairing much better, plummeting to 38%, a career low.

This throws a giant wrench in the DNC plan to eventually install Kamala as the next logical person to take over as Pres after Biden.

Not since Dick Cheney has a Vice President polled so terribly.

Even so, Cheney didn’t reach his lowest point (30%) until 2007, or the final year of George W. Bush’s second term. Kamala already has him beat in that regard.

However, the court packing rumor is not farfetched as many Democrats began considering the move even before Biden’s so-called victory.

Defying his campaign promise, Biden announced he had created a commission to study packing the court, saying he did so because of “pressure from activists.”

The move to nominate Kamala to the SCOTUS is most unpopular even with the most “progressive” members of Congress, including socialist Bernie Sanders, who couldn’t help but ask: “Won’t the Republicans do the exact same thing next time around?”

Author: Sebastian Hayworth