White House In Shambles After Manchin Gives Biden An ‘Early Christmas Gift’

Joe Biden can kiss what remains of his political agenda goodbye as a member of his own party just committed to destroying it.

Every Republican on Capitol Hill and every American concerned about the rising national debt and skyrocketing inflation can finally breath a sigh of relief. West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin – arguably the only sane Democrat remaining – just committed to voting ‘no’ on Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” social spending bill after months of negotiations.

The bill, in its current form, has been effectively killed off by Manchin’s announcement.

“I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation,” Manchin said on Sunday. “I just can’t.”

For months now Manchin has been vocal about his concerns over the bill, which he described as a “mammoth” during an interview on Sunday. He warned about its effects on the United States economy through inflation and increased debt, which Democrats refuse to acknowledge.

The West Virginia senator thanked Biden for his time working to negotiate with him but indicated his decision was final.

The drama behind the scenes came to a head on Sunday, as reports indicated the senator had an aide inform the White House of his intention to kill the bill 30 minutes before his bombshell interview on Sunday.

After Manchin’s interview, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released a scathing statement, tearing Manchin to shreds over his decision to vote ‘no’ while implying the White House was blindsided by his change of heart.

Psaki indicated that Manchin had broken his word with President Biden, and said the White House would continue pressuring to change his mind.

She also said Manchin had committed to an earlier $1.75 trillion Build Back Better framework after having breakfast with Biden at his home in October and also offered Biden a proposed outline just last Tuesday.

In her statement, Psaki continued to obfuscate the very real concerns many Americans have with passing trillion-dollar legislation during an inflationary period. She shrugged off Manchin’s hesitations, claiming the government handouts present in the bill would help ease inflationary burden.

Yet anyone with two brain cells left knows full well that massive government spending in the form of handouts, welfare, social spending, etc – especially during inflationary periods – will eventually have the opposite effect, plunging the U.S. economy further into recession.

Psaki reminded Manchin he is blocking cheaper insulin costs, federally subsidized daycare, and ending the government payments to families via the Child Tax Credit.

But if those line items were so important to the Biden administration and the American people, why not conquer them in stand alone bills, not crowbarred into a massive spending package which includes amnesty for illegals and other insidious measures?

This is a question no one from the White House is willing to answer.

Author: Asa McCue