White House In Damage Control Mode After Biden Admits He’s Incompetent

It seems things are only getting worse for the Biden administration. Sleepy Joe was hammered this week after he admitted to America’s governors that there was no federal solution to COVID-19. Critics from both sides called out the Democrat’s claim, after he previously promised to shut down the virus.

After a year of tremendous failure, Biden is admitting defeat on the biggest issue facing the country. The one he exploited to become president. His approval is already 36%. How lower will it get after this? Naturally, the White House was reeling after his statement (which was probably not supposed to reach the public). So, they are trying to backtrack it.

After his reversal of one of his key campaign promises sparked a huge backlash, the White House quickly moved to walk back his acknowledgment that COVID-19 policy should be handled by states.

On Twitter, the White House attempted to laud the support provided to state governments by the Biden administration, listing various resources such as medical experts, equipment, and vaccines.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is making sure states have what they need to tackle COVID including: – 1,000 additional doctors and nurses – stockpiling millions of gowns, gloves, masks, and ventilators – adding vaccine and booster capacity,” the White House tweeted. “And more.” [Source: Daily Wire]

And more? Do they mean unconstitutional mandates that have jeopardized the jobs of 100 million Americans? Do they mean using the DOJ to go after school districts that dropped mask mandates for children? Do they mean restricting the rights of Americans, while letting illegal aliens enter without testing?

It’s pretty sad that the White House had to scramble to release this tweet, knowing they’ve done very little to address the virus. What they listed is less than what Trump did while in office. In fact, it was Trump who stockpiled PPE and rushed to manufacture new ventilators. It was also Trump who moved heaven and earth to provide vaccines.

The only thing Biden did about nurses and doctors is ensure thousands of them would lose their jobs, thanks to his mandates. In some states they are facing a health crisis because so many workers were forced out of their jobs. So what is Biden really doing to help?

The irony is, Democrats still seem to think COVID can be “solved,” as if it will just go away eventually. Even a first year med student can tell you diseases don’t do that. COVID isn’t going to go away. And we need to just get back to normal life now, regardless.

But Biden built his presidency on doing “better” than Trump on this crisis. Has he even come close? He’s admitting defeat, so I don’t think so. The most honest thing he’s said was that the federal government can’t solve this issue. Perhaps now Americans will start demanding accountability over this corrupt, bankrupt administration?

Author: James Smith