White House Doctor Admits He Wants Anti-Maskers To Die

A viral video of maskless shoppers in Florida prompted White House-connected emergency room doctor to wish for their death. The doctor also called for their vaccination privileges to be revoked. 

Dr. Cleavon Gilman, in a now-deleted post, commented on a viral video of maskless market-goers : “Naples, Florida. Let ’em die. I’m so tired of these people. No vaccine for y’all.”

After a thorough bashing on social media, the doctor now claims ‘Republicans’ are taking his words out of context. Exactly what context does does wishing someone’s death somehow become acceptable? The doctor went on to dig an even bigger hole by blaming Republicans.

It’s noted that Dr. Gilman, who claims to be fighting for equality and social justice, has been long in the praises of Biden’s White House. 

 “We promise you this: You have a partner in the Biden-Harris administration,” the White House official twitter declares.

The video in question was widely promoted online and in the mainstream press in an effort to discredit Americans for not doing their part stop the spread of Coronavirus. Online liberals and media vultures failed to mention Florida’s immense breakthroughs with the virus. Florida’s hospitalizations, deaths and new cases have all decreased while state’s with the strictest lockdowns continue to see surges.

“Florida does not mandate people wear face masks, yet the state with one of the largest senior populations in the country is doing much better, statistically, than many states with mask mandates and government restrictions on businesses,” Schow highlighted. “New York, for example, has had 43,687 deaths from COVID-19 despite having a smaller population than Florida, which has had 27,018 deaths from the virus.”

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