Whistleblower’s Schiff Connection Slips Out – Reporter Accuses Him Of Working For Adam As A Spy

By Adam Casalino November 8th, 2019 | Image Source: Fox News

Adam thought it would never get out – but one reporter just outed him!

Over the last month, we’ve learned a lot about the left’s “whistleblower.” None of it has convinced Americans that this guy is some kind of patriot.

Adam Schiff lied about what he knew before the complaint came out. Looks like his office was working with the whistleblower for a long time.

We also know this whistleblower worked with Biden and other Democrats. He is clearly a liberal partisan, looking to help his party.

Now, a well-verified reporter—Gregg Jarrett—is claiming this man is no whistleblower at all.

In fact, he’s accused of being a full blown-spy.

From The Federalist Papers:

Fox News correspondent Gregg Jarrett says that the whistleblower is not a whistleblower at all but, in fact, a spy for Rep. Adam Schiff…

“Schiff has been hiding his identity and obstructing all questions about him in order to conceal the evidence of how this informant colluded with Schiff and his staff to invent a pretext to impeach the President…

Democrats are in a panic as the secret identity of their fabled whistleblower has been revealed and it shows they are not unbiased.

Jarrett calls out this whistleblower as being an informant trying to work with Schiff to create a pretest.

All so the left can create a reason for impeaching Donald Trump.

According to this reporter, he was working from Schiff from the start. He wasn’t a “concerned citizen,” trying to hold the president accountable.

He was obeying orders from the left to craft this bogus narrative: that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine.

Keep in mind, this is not a wild theory thrown out by some random social media user. This is a respected reporter with a proven record.

If a man like Jarrett is saying this, then there is more than just smoke to this fire.

After all, he doesn’t work for CNN!

More details about the whistleblower will come out in the coming days. We will most likely discover that what Jarrett is saying is accurate.

Which means this entire impeachment inquiry is illegal. It is based on deliberate scheming by the very people conducting it.

That violates our rights to due process and a fair trial. Democrats are bending and breaking the law, just to hurt the president.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Whistleblower’s Schiff Connection Slips Out – Reporter Accuses Him Of Working For Adam As A Spy

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