Whistleblower Exposes Illegal Migrants’ Methods For Destroying American Economy

Democrats have long opposed Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration. They call him racist for trying to prioritize Americans in the race to rebuild the economy and secure jobs. Yet liberals conveniently ignore reports that often come out, exposing the damage mass migration does to the country. Including this latest report, which reveals how much China is profiting off of us.

It’s no secret that most migrants come to the United States for economic opportunity. The massive group of workers often take jobs from Americans, usually because they are non-union and willing to work for lower wages. Those who come here illegally are willing to work for even less—with their wages rarely being taxed.

Much of the money earned by migrants doesn’t stay in the United States. Large sums of cash flow out of the country, into the hands of other countries. These “remittances” are hardly chump change and represent a significant portion of America’s wealth. And a new report reveals just how much money is leaving our shores—and how much China is profiting from it.

Migrants in the United States sent about $103 billion in mostly untaxed remittances to six foreign countries last year — including about $19 billion to China…

In 2019, migrants sent close to $40 billion to Mexico and nearly $20 billion to China. Only one state in the U.S., Oklahoma, taxes remittances. Last year, the state raked in more than $13 million from its one percent remittance tax.

Migrants in the U.S. also sent about $14 billion to India, another $14 billion to the Phillippines, $10 billion to Guatemala, and $9 billion to Vietnam — almost all of which is untaxed…

Last year, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reported that legal immigrants and illegal aliens in the U.S. had sent $150 billion in untaxed remittances to their native countries. [Source: Breitbart]

America is hit with a double whammy when it comes to remittances from illegal alien laborers. These people earn money, without paying income tax. They then send a large portion of it out of the country to nations around the world. This practice has resulted in a staggering $103 billion lost from our economy in 2019 alone. In previous years, that number reached $150 billion or higher.

This is allowed to happen because our government refuses to put into place a system for taxing remittances when they’re sent overseas. Our government also has a pretty poor track record in regulating how many migrants can come to the country yearly, including refugees, asylum seekers, legal immigrants, and of course illegal immigrants.

The H-1B visa program alone costs Americans jobs. Major companies (like Apple and Facebook) use the visa program to bring in white collar workers. Americans are forced to train these newcomers, who then become their replacements. Often, they return to their homes overseas, taking the jobs with them.

The media is all but silent on this issue, because they too benefit from it. Not to mention how they use it as a bogus excuse to slam the president.

Donald Trump has expressed an America First policy that doesn’t deny migrants the chance to live and work in America. But he does fight to ensure Americans aren’t losing jobs to an unbalanced playing field.

Another question worth asking is why isn’t America taxing these remittances? Oklahoma is the only state that does so, with a simple one percent tax. That alone kept $13 million from leaving the country.

If Trump supporters really want our leaders to put Americans first, they have to be asking these questions. Otherwise, billions of dollars will bleed away.

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