WH Press Secretary Takes Back “Promise” After Republican Upheaval

On Wednesday Jen Psaki was forced to acknowledge the backlash she and Biden received after their announcement of a tyrannical plan to convince unvaccinated Americans to change their minds by deploying health officials to go “door-to-door” with vaccine information.

A reporter asked the White House Press Secretary to clarify the Biden administration’s stance on the role of the federal government in its vaccine response. A follow-up question asked Psaki if a door-knocking campaign would be nothing but a push for the government to force vaccines.

Psaki immediately launches into an offensive against the “far-right press” in an attempt to defend the administration’s position. She claimed door-knocking “was a pretty standard thing” and essentially laughed off the concerns of freedom-loving Americans.

She said, “The door-knocking effort is merely a continuation of what we have seen as an impactful actions that we’ve had by local public health officials and volunteers in a wide array of communities over the last month.”

“We’ve actually seen an impact, a positive impact of a range of steps we’ve taken in states like Florida, Mississippi, others where there have been lower vaccination rates.”

Here, Psaki singles out Republican-led states by highlighting their lower vaccination rates compared to some Blue states in an attempt to distract from her previous harrowing statements.

Psaki added that lack of access to information is the biggest hurdle preventing people from seeking vaccination, adding that the Biden administration would continue to deploy these tactics to reach their goals for vaccination rates. She then noted that vaccination is up to the individual. But then another reporter interjected, asking whether mandates could be a means to push vaccination rates further.

After framing the question, the reporter then asked if it was the federal government’s stance that they really “do not want to encourage the kind of mandates that public health officials say would work?”

“That’s not currently the role of the federal government,” Psaki responded.

Psaki then mentioned that if private institutions were to require vaccinations, the federal government would not stand in their way.

“There are institutions, there are private sector entities that will take this step, and we’re not standing in their way. Those are innovative steps. Go forward and take steps that you feel are appropriate. We’re just talking about what the role is of the federal government.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan