We Haven’t Seen The End Of Biden’s Afghanistan Failures, And This Proves It

Biden might be done with Afghanistan, but the rest of the world isn’t. After the democratic government of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, many security experts gave strong warnings. With a hostile regime now in power, the odds were great that other terror networks would resurface. It didn’t take that long before they were proven right, as an offshoot of ISIS attacked Kabul airport, killing many.

Sleepy Joe vowed to “hunt them down,” but instead blew up a civilian car, killing innocent bystanders. Since then, he’s done nothing to capture or defeat those responsible for taking 13 American servicemembers’ lives. And reports reveal that ISIS isn’t the only terrorist network inside Afghanistan.

The Taliban is putting numerous Afghan citizens at risk. Reports suggest they are hunting down residents who once worked for the United States. Those in the greatest danger appear to be former Afghan military. Now, it appears some of them—in attempts to save their lives—have joined ISIS.

Some Afghan citizens who helped the United States during the war have joined the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) after being left behind during the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan…

“The number of defectors joining the terrorist group is relatively small, but growing, according to Taliban leaders, former Afghan republic security officials and people who know the defectors. Importantly, these new recruits bring to Islamic State critical expertise in intelligence-gathering and warfare techniques, potentially strengthening the extremist organization’s ability to contest Taliban supremacy,” the Journal reported…

A former official told the outlet that several other members of Afghan’s former intelligence and military joined ISIS-K after the Taliban raided their homes “and demanded that they present themselves to the country’s new authorities,” the Journal added. [Source: Daily Wire]

Great job, Joe. Our last president, Donald Trump, was defeating terrorists. But thanks to Biden’s corruption and incompetence, he is creating new ones! Because Biden abandoned thousands of our Afghan allies (while evacuating total strangers to the U.S.), many of them face the threat of death from the Taliban. That’s especially true of those who served in the Afghan army, who literally fought against the Taliban.

Their only hope, it seems, is to join a group that is promising them safety from their enemy. It appears former Afghan military are attractive prospects for ISIS-K, since they have training in military tactics like intel-gathering and warfare techniques. This makes ISIS all the more dangerous, both in Afghanistan and abroad.

Many American leaders have blasted Biden over his failures in Afghanistan. They warned that with the rise of the Taliban and other terror cells, America is now in greater danger. Afghanistan can become a launching pointing for attacks around the globe—and back at home. And, because our Southern border is open, terrorists have easy access into the U.S.

Add now, ISIS has formerly American-trained soldiers ready to fight by their side. Sound familiar?

Author: Joe Peterson