[WATCH] Trump Stuns Audience With Groundbreaking Rally Speech

Over the weekend Donald Trump proved once again why he is the single-greatest politician in modern history this country has ever elected.

His ability to address and condemn each and every issue currently plaguing American society in such a commanding and humorous way, without even a hint of irony, all in the time it takes to hold a political rally is truly a mark of Trump’s genius.

The Former President discussed climate change, critical race theory, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the war in Ukraine, women’s sports — and a host of other topics currently on the minds of most Americans.

Trump’s correctly diagnosed our current day in age as “the single most dangerous time in history” our country has ever experienced. Considering the threats of multiple adversaries including China, North Korea, and Russia, and Joe Biden’s inability to establish the level of diplomacy needed to keep these countries at bay, Trump absolutely hits the nail on the head in that regard.

After his diagnosis, Trump went on to highlight the ridiculousness of climate leftists like John Kerry as they ignore serious threats of nuclear war from foreign adversaries to instead focus on climate change, which they consider the real threat.

Former President Donald Trump slammed John Kerry, the current presidential climate envoy and former Secretary of State, in front of a large Save America rally crowd in Georgia for being more concerned about climate change amid Russia’s threats of nuclear warfare.

“… you have people like John Kerry worrying about the climate. The climate! Oh, I heard that the other day. Here we are, guys, threatening us — he’s worried about the ocean will rise, will rise, one-hundredth of 1% over the next 300 f***ing years,” Trump said about the ridiculousness of climate change hysteria.

Trump also called for greater protection of parents’ rights to control what their children are taught in school and said that “we must protect women’s sports” amid a national debate about whether transgender people should be able to participate.

His call to protect women’s sports was a perfect segue into a topic which made national headlines last week: Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson and her unwillingness to define “woman” during a Senate confirmation hearing.

While in Georgia, Donald Trump invited his close friend and GOP Senate hopeful Herschel Walker to the podium to discuss the harrowing effects of critical race theory being taught to school children.

“Critical race theory, can you tell me what that means?” Walker said. “We’re Americans. We’re not black. We’re not white. We’re America.”

All in all, the Georgia rally served as a reminder this country desperately needs that competent leader is possible with Donald Trump.

Author: Robert Bogart