Watch: Trump Steals The Show At MMA Event In Vegas

UFC Fans Love Trump.

And they proved in on Saturday when the Former President made a surprise appearance in Vegas to watch the UFC 264 match.

To the crowd’s amazement, Trump showed up to the event like a flash — no one expected his appearance at the historic fight. A small smattering of boos were quickly and overwhelmingly snuffed out by roaring chants of “USA! USA!” as the Former President entered the stadium.

With jaws agape, the crowd showered Trump with endless cheers and words of support. His appearance seemed to be an electric energy to the event, resembling the excitement seen at many of his campaign rallies.


In addition to the cheers and chants, the Former President got a standing ovation as well:

Despite Trump’s attendance, UFC 264 came to an anti-climactic end when Connor McGregor suffered a major injury in the first round against Dustin Poirier. McGregor was left immobile after a series of kicks resulted in a broken ankle, marking the second win for Porier in a heated trilogy.

Trump made history during his first term in office when he became the first sitting president to attend a UFC fight. He has long been a fan of the sport, even before being elected in 2016. He’s maintained a standing friendship with UFC President Dana White over the years. White remains a huge supporter of Trump to this day.

No one can deny Trump’s favorability with the populous — whether it be fight fans, sports fans, or racing fans — he resoundingly appeals to the blue-blooded, working-class American.

It seems the script has flipped in electoral politics: no longer is the GOP seen as the stuffy, upper-class political sect in the United States. No longer are the Republicans a war-mongering group of corporate fat-cats. The era of Bush Republicanism is over.

Thanks to Trump and his policies, working-class Americans were fairing better than ever; never before has a Republican president’s words resonated so clearly with them. With this momentum, there’s no telling what will happen in 2024 if Donald Trump decides to run for office again.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth