[WATCH] This Is Your Brain On COVID Liberalism

Two years of constant brainwashing from liberals, public health officials, and mainstream media propaganda outlets have caused many brains to break and has given mentally ill Americans justification to unleash their hysteria onto others.

A woman was detained not long after she allegedly hit a maskless fellow passenger during a Delta Air Lines flight recently.

Video footage of the incident surfaced online over the weekend showing two people having an argument during a flight from Tampa to Atlanta.

In the clip, a woman wearing a brown vest was seen standing and talking to an elderly man.

“Stand your ass up,” she told the man, to which he replied, “Sit down, Karen.”

Two other people appeared to try and diffuse the situation, but the pair continued arguing:

“Mask up, tell him to mask up,” the woman, who did not have her mask pulled up, said to one of the people trying to calm her down.

“I’m eating and drinking, I’m eating and drinking. You’ve got your mask down, bitch,” the elderly man said to the woman.

Moments later, the woman asked him if he called her a bitch, then appeared to slap him.

“That’s assault. You’re going to jail,” the man told her.

As a crew member tried to restrain the woman, she appeared to spit in the man’s face.

Atlanta police noted it responded to an incident inside the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and officials detained the woman, who was later identified as Patricia Cornwall.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was alerted and authorities took custody of the woman when she was transported to the Atlanta police precinct.

According to the Delta Air Lines website, masks must be worn except when a person is eating, drinking, or taking medication.

“Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking – masks must be worn between bites and sips,” the website read.

Society is doomed if deputized whack jobs feel emboldened to police the innocent behaviors of each and every American attempting to simply get through life.

At this rate, if the propaganda continues to work, there’s really no hope for our futures unless some force rightfully puts these crazed individuals in their place.

Our rights are not up for debate, regardless of tragedy, natural disaster, or global pandemic.


Author: Asa McCue