[Watch] The Crowd Goes Wild As DeSantis Calls Out ‘Brandon Administration’

Who would’ve thought a silly internet meme poking fun at the pro-Biden fake news propaganda machine would result in an entire country united around the failure of our current “president.”

Everywhere you turn, crowds of Americans are proudly chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” to signal their disgust with the way Joe Biden and his radical Democrat followers are attempting to transform the country.

…and they’re doing it with humor, something liberals haven’t a clue about.

This week’s bloodbath, the first of many red waves between now and the 2024 presidential election, proved that most Americans are fed up with the federal government. They’re through with being stifled, limited, restricted, and censored due to one issue or another, many of which have been completely fabricated by the liberal elite.

Whether it be COVID or racism, climate change or the economy, Americans demand their freedom, the freedom stolen from them by the so-called “unity” party.

The Governor of Florida, one of America’s greats, a man who is bravely navigating through the ‘scam’demic while fighting off Democrats and establishment media, many of whom claim he’s literally a murderer for failing to strip away civil liberties from Floridians, takes the cake for best use of the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme.

On Wednesday, Ron DeSantis held a press conference to discuss the steps Florida is taking to ensure election integrity and prevent another 2020 debacle. Using humor only people on the right seem to understand (the left can’t meme), Gov. DeSantis hilariously referred to the “Brandon Administration.”

That’s when the crowd went nuts.

The crowd was clapping and pumping their fists during DeSantis’ press conference and began echoing each other, chanting, “Let’s go Brandon!”

The crowd reportedly burst into the chant after DeSantis said during his speech, “the Biden, the Brandon administration.” The conference is taking place at the Palm Beach Airport Hilton in Tallahassee.

The governor reportedly unveiled a new package of election integrity reforms during the conference.

One liberal heckler even tried to prevent DeSantis from speaking, acting as all liberals do — essentially like a child:

Earlier this year, DeSantis signed a sweeping election reform bill into law that limited absentee voting, banned ballot harvesting, and outlawed private funding for election-related purposes.

Only a handful of Republican governors – perhaps only two – have issued such brazen executive defenses against Democrats and their election stealing ways.

The energy is shifting…

Author: Sebastian Hayworth