Watch Psaki Lose It After Reporter Asks Dreaded ‘Hunter Biden’ Question

Like everyone else in the country, Jen Psaki can feel the energy shift and the narrative change.

The rush of goodwill sent Biden’s way after he stole the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump is finally starting to wane and many are left wondering, “Is this really who I voted for?”

Many of them actually didn’t since Biden relied heavily on the deceased vote, but that’s a different story.

One of the sharpest thorns in Psaki’s side is the dreaded Hunter Biden laptop story, which was buried by mainstream propagandist media outlets and discarded as ‘Russian misinformation’ while Joe was still on the campaign trail.

Late last year the New York Post published a bombshell story that revealed emails and text messages obtained from a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden at an electronics repair shop.

The messages were damning to say the least, clearly showing business ties with Ukrainian oligarchs and then-Vice President Joe Biden. At the time Hunter Biden worked for Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. Hunter subsequently introduced Joe to his colleagues at Burisma, which the texts and emails clearly show.

Lest we forget, Joe Biden claimed on numerous occasions that he had absolutely zero knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings despite text messages to the contrary.

And Burisma wasn’t the only business venture Joe had first-hand knowledge of.

Other emails from Hunter’s laptop show him brokering a business deal between Joe and a Chinese company. The deal involved a joint venture with the company which Joe would have a 10% stake in.

This is where Jen Psaki joins the party.

Psaki was tasked with flipping the narrative about this revelatory bombshell, clearing shining a spotlight on Joe Biden’s lies and Hunter’s shady business dealings.

At the time, Psaki tweeted a Politico article which discredited the Hunter Biden story as “Russian disinfo” bolstered by former intelligence officials, including many anti-Trumpers like James Clapper and John Brennan.

Everyone knows how reliable Deep State intelligence agents tend to be!

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden has since acknowledged that he was under federal investigation — but he waited until after the 2020 election to do so. His revelation essentially vindicated the New York Post story and discredited all claims of “Russian disinfo” peddled by Psaki and the anti-Trumpers.

In September, after Politico reported that some of the emails on the laptop had been confirmed by one of its reporters, Psaki dodged a question about the laptop.

The next day, facing questions, she doubled down on her claim: “I think it’s broadly known and widely known that there was a broad range of Russian disinformation back in 2020.”

On Monday, the dreaded laptop story emerged after a New York Post reporter snuck in a question, asking Psaki if she was willing to admit the laptop “is indeed authentic, and not Russian disinformation as you seemed to suggest on Twitter last year.”

And of course, Psaki refused to answer. She was visibly shaken and noticeably frustrated, but unwilling to take the line of questioning even further.

Watch the exchange here:

It’s all crumbling down for Jen Psaki and the Biden administration!

Author: Sebastian Hayworth