[Watch] Kamala Harris To Young Voters: ‘You’re Stupid’

By Kyle Olson August 13th, 2020 | Image Source: True Pundit

Cable news pundits claimed on Tuesday night that Kamala Harris could help to motivate young voters, but a speech from 2014 may prove to make that objective more difficult.

During a speech to the Ford Foundation, the then-California Attorney General used young people as a punchline, saying they are “stupid” and that’s why they have to live with resident assistants in dormitories.

Harris was talking about drug offenders in the criminal justice system during her time as the San Francisco District Attorney and said, “What’s the other thing we know about this population? And it’s a specific phase of life. And remember, age is more than a chronological fact. What else do we know about this population, 18 through 24? They are stupid.”

The audience burst into laughter. The camera cut to one woman, though, who didn’t appear amused.

“That is why we put them in dormitories, and they have a resident assistant,” Harris continued.

“They make really bad decisions.”

During a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC, Dr. Jason Johnson said, Harris’s “challenge going forward, what the Democratic Party needs, they need somebody who’s going to make young people enthusiastic.”

“That is not necessarily and area of strength for Sen. Harris, but it something she can dedicate her time to doing,” he said.

Johnson said that will be necessary because Harris is capable of “cracking a smile and making a joke.”

Author: Kyle Olson

Source: Breitbart: Kamala Harris: Young People Are ‘Stupid’ — ‘They Make Really Bad Decisions’

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