WATCH: Fox Host Cries as Former Abortion Doctor Describes Late-Term Abortion

By Max Baylor March 1st, 2019 | Image Source: LifeSite

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatin decided he was “pro-choice” when he graduated medical school in 1976. In fact, he dedicated much of his career to supporting a woman’s “right to choose.”

He went on to perform hundreds of abortions, including late-term “D&E” abortions, where the baby is literally ripped from the womb limb-by-limb. In an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, Levatin explained just how brutal the procedure is.

“A second-trimester D&E abortion is a brutal, inhumane procedure. This is a morning show so I cannot describe it, but let’s just say they call it dismemberment abortion for a reason,” Levatin said.

As he described the procedure, Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt began to visibly cry.

That all changed when his young daughter, Heather, was tragically hit by a car and killed. It would change his personal and professional life forever.

Levatin returned to work after the unthinkable tragedy and was ready to perform the same procedure he had done many times before. However, something was different.

“And I started that abortion and just stared at what I had just pulled out of the uterus,” he said. “When you do an abortion, believe it or not, you have to keep inventory, you have to make sure that you get everything.”

The doctor continued: “And for the first time in my career, after all those years and all those abortions, I looked, I really looked at that pile of body parts on the side of the table, and I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose, I didn’t see what a great doctor I was helping her with her problem, and I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in fifteen minutes. All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter.”

That’s when he had an epiphany about his own life.

“And it struck me in that moment, that this patient had — figuratively, never literally — came to me and said ‘here’s $800, kill my son or daughter.’ And I was the kind of person who would look her right back in the eye with no hesitation and say, ‘sure, I’ll do that,’” Levatino admitted.

Watch the full interview at the 47:15 mark below:

Earhardt, clearly overcome with emotion, was stunned.

“Pretty powerful. I’m the mother of a little girl and I look at your little girl Heather and think about Hayden, and I just can’t imagine,” she said. “Some of these doctors want to do late-term abortions, and I can’t even picture what that would be like.”

Levatin also recently testified before Congress on the issue:

Author: Max Baylor

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