Washington’s Cheerleaders Get An Outrageous Liberal Remodel

In an effort by the Washington Football Team to embrace “strength” and “inclusivity”, their traditionally all-female cheerleading squad will now be a co-ed dance team.

Petra Pope, a senior adviser for WFT said that the club’s decision to dump traditional cheerleading is part of a lager effort to promote the “skillset of being super athletic.”

Pope explains that they are going to begin auditioning to produce a “coed entity” which will be more capable, thanks to the addition of “the strength of a male.” 

The club is making other changes too. In response to a scandal about a calendar shoot which ended in a settlement. The case involved the sexual harassment of 40 women who were filmed partially dressed while changing between sets of calendar shoot.

Pope stressed that future dance squads will not be participating in calendar photo shoots. Saying that their vision of a “modern franchise” does not include a calendar.

While the WFT may receive praise from liberals for their “inclusivity”, they are likely to anger just as many for having male performers as part of their lineup.

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