Warren Tries to Connect With ‘Regular’ People — Creates yet Another Awkward Video

With the Democratic primaries still a mess, the candidates are fighting for their shot at relevance. With the primaries quickly moving the next few states, they are getting desperate for attention. One candidate–once thought a frontrunner–tried to connect with people. Maybe get a photo op. It did not go well.

The sad state of the Democrats’ 2020 primary has many causes. The biggest being Donald Trump. What competent Democrat really wants to go up against a man with so many successes as president? This year, the left has not produced a single star. Just many far-left radicals scrambling to steal the spotlight.

Once upon a time, Elizabeth Warren was considered the “woman to beat,” for the 2020 nomination. Not sure what geniuses thought that, but that’s what you get when you believe the fake news. Early in the Fall of 2019, she was getting all the good press. It seemed like she could do no wrong.

Ah, so much can change after a few months. Really, Warren destroyed her own campaign when she revealed her terrible Medicare-for-All plan. For a long time, she refused to explain to voters how much it would cost. Everyone was pressuring her to give the details. She did, revealing it would punish the taxpayers with a $32 trillion burden.

Her star quickly faded after that.

Since then, she’s struggled to get back to the top. But the woman who pretended to be an American Indian for years doesn’t seem to know how to connect with regular people. She has promised them socialist programs up the wazoo, but they just don’t seem to like her.

Case in point, a little visit she recently made to a New Hampshire restaurant. She wanted a nice, friendly moment with a family. It was painful.

A video posted by The Hill shows Warren shaking hands with a family sitting and eating in a diner. At first, the family is cordial but soon return to their meal. Warren, however, is still awkwardly waving, pointing, and acknowledging people who aren’t engaging with her at all.

Warren attempts to move on to a new table where she, more or less, gets the same reaction.

To make matters worse, the clip has now gone somewhat viral on social media, carrying the embarrassment of the moment far beyond the walls of the diner Warren crashed in hopes of a photo op. [Source: Red State]

Yikes, that’s not pretty. This isn’t the first time Warren’s made an awkward, uncomfortable video. Some might remember one of her earlier attempts to appear as a “regular Joe,” when she chugged a beer during a live stream. It seems like the senator doesn’t understand how normal people act or behave.

Just look at these restaurant-goers. They look like they’re about to go to a Trump rally. Not a single one of them seems all that excited to see the 2020 candidate. Honestly, some don’t even seem to recognize her.

That’s not what you want to see, when you’re running for President of the United States. You don’t see these kinds of reactions when Donald Trump visits a place. Even non-supporters can’t help but show their interest and enthusiasm.

Warren? It’s like a funeral or something. It doesn’t help that recent polls show her support is cratering. Seems like people have lost interest in the would-be socialist.

But let’s get real, here. Do you expect any of the left’s candidates can muster up more enthusiasm than Warren?

Biden is tanking just as badly. Buttigieg is a failing mayor, hated by his own people. Bernie might be loved by his cult of communists and anarchists, but I doubt he can inspire millions.

What do you think November is going to look like? Whatever chump they manage to nominate is going to wish they picked a better career.

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