Waitress Fired Thanks To Liberal COVID Hysteria

A waitress recently went viral after she was given the ax for not wanting to take the new COVID vaccine. 

The now-ex-waitress expressed fertility concerns when asked by her employer to take the first dose of the vaccine. Many have voiced concerns about the effect the vaccine may or may not have on fertility.

Many people have expressed concerns about the effect the vaccine might have on fertility.

A study by Columbia University recently reported that out of 284 participants receiving fertility treatments, 54% of them said they would not take the vaccine. 

Bonnie Jacobson lost her job from NYC eatery Red Hook Tavern this week after her boss made it a requirement for employees to be vaccinated. After informing management of her intention to get pregnant and her fertility concerns, Jacobson learned she would no longer be employed. 

“I am not an anti-vaxxer, as they say. I do support the vaccine” Jacobson said, adding, “I just don’t see enough research around the effect the very new covid vaccine has on pregnant women or women trying to conceive.”

Recently a woman went viral after she miscarried shortly after receiving the first dose of the Covid vaccine. However, it is unclear whether her miscarriage was in any way related to taking the vaccine. 

Jacobson, revealing to a reporter,  “management initially understood my concerns and told me that getting vaccinated was not required,” but later completely changed their minds.

“Two days later, she was fired.

This unfortunate event is one in a many as Democrats and their liberal cohorts rely on fear mongering to achieve their political goals. Hysteria surrounding the virus and the pandemic has caused mass confusion resulting in Americans losing their livelihoods. 

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