VP Losing Staff Left and Right–Yet Another Quits Her Team

What is going on in Kamala Harris’ office? That’s a pretty good question, if you’ve been paying attention. With a man like Joe Biden as her boss, you’d expect Kamala to be amazing. How hard can it be trying to look better than a man with the longest disapproval streak in U.S. presidential history? Yet, shockingly, Kamala Harris appears to be worse than Joe Biden—with staffers fleeing seemingly on a daily basis.

Reports indicated that Kamala’s office is in total chaos. Her top managers berate and mistreat employees. Harris herself is known for talking down to anyone she feels is smarter than her (which must be everyone). And it seems like the all confusion and lack of leadership is getting worse and worse. We’ve seen numerous top officials flee the VP office for lesser jobs. Now, another one bites the dust, and isn’t even getting a new job.

According to Reuters, [National Security Adviser Nancy] McEldowney, who advised not only Harris but also President Biden on foreign affairs including Afghanistan, Iran, and Ukraine, wrote in an internal memo that she was quitting in order to “focus on some pressing personal matters,” adding, “This was a difficult decision because I am so deeply committed to the work we do and the crucial national interest we serve. But after more than a year, this is the right decision for my family.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Woah. This woman advised both Biden and Harris on Afghanistan, Iran, and Ukraine!? Why did she quit? She should have been fired months ago! Biden and Harris failed on Afghanistan. They failed to defend Ukraine. And they are currently ensuring Iran gets nuclear weapons, dooming the Middle East. Yet they held onto this poor excuse for an adviser and she is leaving them.

That’s really horrible, if you think about it. This woman could not have been giving the administration good guidance. But even she is disgusted by what is going on, leaving without giving a credible excuse. “Pressing personal matters” could mean anything. Probably, it’s code for “I hate my job.”

This comes a Harris continues to tumble down the hill of incompetence. The Internet is trying to puzzle out her recent “word salad” about the “passing of time.” Every time Harris opens her mouth, she makes no sense. Yet she is the person Biden is sending to Europe to handle the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s a miracle Ukraine is still standing (for now).

In a short time, four of Kamala’s top officials fled her office. How many more will follow? This administration is a walking joke. Nobody who holds a position of importance seems to know what they are doing. Those with any sense are leaving. The rest should be given pink slips.

Author: Bo Dogan