Vital MAGA Victory Spells Big Trouble For Democrats

In what is seen as a major indicator for the upcoming ’22 midterms and the eventual ’24 presidential election, Glen Youngkin, the Trump-backed MAGA proponent, swept Democrat Terry McAuliffe to become Virginia’s next governor.

The victory sends a clear warning to Democrats from a state that could’ve just as easily veered toward the left. In essence, voters have told the increasingly far-left party that their radical agenda will not fly any longer, that it’s definitively gone too far.

Yougkin swayed voters across the state by exhibiting common sense around a key set of issues, namely the economy and COVID restrictions. Unlike his opponent, he never pulled any ‘cards’ by pontificating endlessly about race or about Trump; he simply got down to the issues, which resonated with voters.

Like Trump, the incoming governor never held public office before and cut his teeth in the finance industry. While he may have a completely different temperament and is notably far more toned down than the Former President, their similar policies and governing strategies, combined with their status as political outsiders, suggest Trump-like candidates hold incredible allure with voters today.

However, McAuliffe worked tirelessly to couple Trump and Youngkin thinking it would be a detriment to the young political outsider. Instead of hammering down on issues, as Youngkin surely did, McAuliffe focused more on the political culture war against Trump. The results speak for themselves.

This victory for the Make America Great Again movement that Trump launched in 2015 holds key significance for both Republicans and Democrats who grapple with navigating the political landscape as Biden fails to resonate with the American people and as his agenda seems to be tanking.

Meanwhile, it seems the voters have spoken loud and clear about the issues they deem imperative to not only their futures, but the future of America.

They don’t want children being indoctrinated by Critical Race Theory; They stand for election integrity; They demand an economy free from regulation; and they refuse to abide by endless COVID-19 restrictions.

Up to their insidious tricks as usual, the mainstream media attempted to both group Trump and Youngkin together and also try to pin them against each other, testing which form of propaganda will assist Democrats moving forward.

They got the answer.

Trump immediately congratulated the victorious political outsider, giving nod to his base for supporting Youngkin and sending the Democrats a message which will deeply resonate before the upcoming blowout midterm elections.

Let’s just hope this sparks a positive trend that results in numerous GOP victories.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth