Virtue-Signaling Media Desperate To Erase History – Bans Iconic Movie

Americans were shocked when they discovered WarnerMedia had removed Gone With the Wind from their HBO Max streaming service. The company attacked the movie, claiming it “countered” their values. The response from Americans? It was quite epic.

For a long time, we’ve watched Democrats in various media companies try to censor and control what we see and hear. It’s only increased during the Trump administration. Leftists are taking tips right out of 1984 to shut down any ideas they deem “inappropriate.”

We see it on TV, in movies, books, and music—and we especially see in news and social media. Now, it appears that Hollywood is trying to erase its own history. WarnerMedia removed one of the biggest movies of all time—Gone With the Wind—from its HBO Max streaming service. The company, run by obviously limp-wristed liberals, was offended by the film’s portrayal of slavery. Even though the movie takes place during the CIVIL WAR.

The company posted a bogus message condemning the most financially successful movie of all time. They said they will return the film to its service but only after they add “a discussion of its historical context and a denouncement of those very depictions.” Which means before you watch it on HBO, you have to listen to a liberal lecture you on how bad it is.

These liberals seemed to forget that the first black person won an Academy Award for the film: Hattie McDaniel.

This was a wakeup call for millions of Americans. They were not about to let a liberal company censor their history and culture. So, they flocked to online retailers to snatch up copies of the film.

The recent decision to pull the American classic “Gone with the Wind” from HBO Max has had the Streisand effect, a phenomenon where attempting to suppress something ends up calling more attention to it and thus having the opposite effect of the intended desire…

A review of Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Movies & TV” from Sunday did not show “Gone with the Wind” appearing in the top-100 ranking of bestsellers in the category.

However, by Wednesday, “Gone with the Wind” exploded in Amazon’s rankings to numerous top spots…

The most impressive statistic for the American classic was the percentage change for the movie’s previous sales ranking, which Amazon calls its “Movers & Shakers” category. Numerous other classics also started to see dramatic rises in sales volume over the last 24 hours. [Source: Daily Wire]

Copies of Gone With the Wind filled top spots for Amazon’s best sellers in DVDs and Blu-rays. In the “Movers & Shakers” category, it was Number 1 through 38, with various other classic movies popping up as well.

It’s clear that Americans are buying hard copies of their favorite films, before the media eradicates them altogether. This is also a sign to many conservatives that they should not trust liberal-run streaming services, who can all too easily remove, edit, or censor classic shows or films.

Other films suddenly being purchased include Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Animal House.

Does this seem irrational or silly to you? It shouldn’t. The left’s attack on Gone With the Wind was a shot across the bow. Proof that radical, America-hating leftists have infiltrated every corner of the media and entertainment industry. They will stop at nothing to erase every trace of culture and history that they deem “wrongthink,” until every aspect of our country is as drab, politically correct, and miserable as they are.

If you’re at all worried that your favorite films or shows are in danger, consider building a hard-copy collection yourself.

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