Viral Videos Prove It’s More Fun To Be a Trump Supporter

Supporters of the 45th President gathered in Jupiter, Florida for a boat parade in which thousands of people properly celebrated memorial day — supportive messages of patriotism, laughs, and overall good time were had. The proud Trump voters displayed that life is more than the doom-and-gloom constantly being propagated by the Democrats.

The partygoers even caught the attention of the former Commander-in-Chief.

“Make America Great Again” and “Trump 2024” flags flew a plenty as boaters celebrated the presidency, and hopeful second term, of Donald Trump.

“MAGA Country,” “Trump Won,” and “This Area Is a Liberal-Free Zone” were flown at the event.

“The Official Jupiter Memorial Day Patriots Boat Parade,” was the official name given to the event. Everyone was invited – except Biden supporters and sad-sack liberals. Like-minded patriots and “Deplorables” were encouraged to celebrate the Former President and the fallen servicemen on Memorial Day.

“Load up your boats. It’s time to honor President Trump and the Men and Women who gave it all for our freedom,” the Facebook invite said.

It’s unclear how many people actually attended the event, but more than 1,300 people responded to the Facebook event. From the looks of it, thousands showed out to show support for U.S. military on Memorial Day.

Viral videos and photos of the boat parade show hundreds of people and dozens of boats in jovial celebration of our great country and “America’s Favorite President.”

Former President Trump caught wind of the Jupiter event and released a loving statement in support of the celebration:

Author: Elizabeth Tierney