Violent BLM Rioters Finally Pay Their Dues

Anti-Police rioters that participated in a BLM protest last summer are going to be spending their days in the big house after their ‘peaceful protest’ turned into an all-out riot. The city was destroyed and vehicles belonging to the state and city were set on fire.

Mackenzie Drechsler, rioter number one, and Shakell Sanks, rioter number two, admitted that they had a significant role in the series of events that unfolded right after BLM/George Floyd rally-goers turned into an angry mob in Rochester, New York.

One of the vehicles that was destroyed was a Ford focus belonging to the city’s CIT (Crisis Intervention Team), the vehicle was clearly marked in a way that it could not be mistaken for anything else. The other destroyed vehicle belonged to the NY state attorney general.

Drechsler admitted not only to arson, but to serious property damage and looting all throughout the entire city.

Each of these criminals will probably serve about two years in prison, but the judge can lower or add to the sentence range. The range is between 24-33 months, but judges reserve the right to shorten or lengthen the sentences as they see fit. Sanks has already agreed to a prison term of 27-33 months, and will likely receive it.

The sentencing, however, won’t be happening until August.

The D&C had much to say about Sanks’ and Dreschsler’s participation. The rioting went down on May 30 and resulted in a series of property damage, vandalism, fires and looting, at least according to prosecutors. Rioting refers to a major disturbance to the public that involves at least one act of violence and produces clear or present danger.

Sanks and Dreschler lit fabric pieces on fire and put them into the gas tank of the aforementioned Ford Focus. Within twenty minutes, the very expensive vehicle was a total loss.

The other vehicle, belonging to the State Attorney General’s office, had a piece of flaming cardboard placed in it and resulted in a total loss.

The two upstanding citizens also took part in various forms of looting and damaging property throughout the city. Drechsler is spending all her time in jail as the judge ruled she is a danger to the local community thanks to her conduct, and she’s being held in jail without bail. Both rioters feel their punishment is unfair and unjust.

Whatever the case, it looks like both of these rioters are getting a little taste of karma for their actions.

Author: Hank Williamson