[VIDEO] The Shocking Truth About Biden’s Border Camp

Sen. Ted Cruz just exposed Biden’s biggest border secret – and Americans are not happy.

On Sunday, the Texas lawmaker posted a shocking video of a woman identified as a “senior adviser” in the Biden administration attempting to block him from taking footage in the border camp. Cruz was collecting evidence of overcrowded facilities and inhumane practices put in place by Biden during his visit to Donna, Texas.

Sen. Cruz attempted to bring news cameras, even informing the Biden administration of his intentions, but was told, “[The news cameras] are not coming.”  When the Senator attempted to take pictures and videos himself, he was too hassled by Biden officials.

The confrontation you see in the video is with Sen. Cruz and the Biden handler sent by DHS to try and stop the Republican envoy.

The Biden official repeatedly tried to block Cruz’s view of the overcrowded migrant camp. Her attempt to position herself in front of the windows came with a constant nag to, “give the people dignity and respect.”

As if that’s what the Biden administration is doing!

Author: Asa McCue

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