Veterans Agree: Trump Outshines All Who Came Before Him

It goes without saying, but Former President Donald Trump was hands down the best commander in chief in modern American history — and veterans agree.

Not only was he the only president in the last three decades to avoid foreign war, but he developed an ironclad strategy to bring troops home and regain peace in regions other presidents destroyed.

Former President Donald Trump earns the highest marks for his handling of the Afghanistan war over all other presidents during the 20-year conflict.

A Morning Consult poll shows that 63% of veterans who served in Afghanistan backed Trump’s handling of Afghanistan while only 49% feel the same way about ‘commander in chief’ Joe Biden’s decisions.

Morning Consult poll of Afghanistan War Veterans

Surprisingly, 54% approved of how former Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush handled the war.

A majority of Afghanistan war veterans, 58%, agreed with the decision to withdraw from the country and end the war after 20 years.

The poll also noted the veterans overwhelming disgust with the results of the decades-long conflict.

49% said the war with Afghanistan was “shameful,” 51% said it was “embarrassing,” and 61% said it was “wasteful.”

But others found the war worthwhile. 48% said the effort in Afghanistan as “successful” and 67% found it “necessary.”

Donald Trump has always been the strongest supporter of U.S. military. Under his presidency, our arsenals were restored, our equipment updated, and troops expressed pride in serving under the commander in chief.

All of that has subsided now with Biden at the helm. The cognitively deficient commander in chief can barely keep his eyes open as the bodies of fallen soldiers are returned back to their resting place. The death of 13 U.S. servicemen came after a ISIS-K suicide bomber was able to evade Taliban security forces and unleash his attack at the Kabul airport.

This wouldn’t have happened under Trump simply because the Americans would have already been evacuated, and Taliban would have never been empowered to oversee the security of American citizens and U.S. troops.

The poll conducted after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban was taken August 17 to September 2 and included 243 Afghanistan war veterans with a six point polling margin of error.

Author: Asa McCue