Utah Passes Major Pro-Life Bill–Female Senators Walk out in Protest

Over the last few years, we’ve seen states push for greater protections for unborn Americans. States from coast to coast are passing laws that embrace pro-life policies. Utah recently passed a bill that might discourage abortions from taking place. The pro-life bill must have been pretty upsetting to some, as female state senators stormed off in a huff.

Since Donald Trump entered office, we’ve seen a surge of pro-life support across the country. It seems, with a pro-life president in office, conservative lawmakers are getting bolder. At the state level, numerous pro-life bills have been signed into law. Mostly Southern states have been fighting to protect the sanctity of all Americans, even the unborn.

As you can imagine, it has sparked outrage from the left. They protect abortion like it’s the holy grail of their party’s platform. Do they really love killing unborn children? I don’t think so. Planned Parenthood donates millions to politicians’ re-election campaign. In turn, they give the organization hundreds of millions in funding. It’s all about the money, you see. Sickening.

But pro-choice advocates must watch as state after state strikes blows in their horrible agenda. In Utah, they are preparing new legislation that might discourage women from having abortions. The bill in question will require doctors to show the woman an ultrasound of their pregnancy and provide audio of the child’s heartbeat, if possible.

You can imagine what the results might often be. Women who realize a human being is growing inside them might not be too eager to have that life snuffed out.

But as this bill was being prepared in the Utah state senate, six lawmakers stormed out of the room. They were both Democrats and Republicans. And they were all women.

All six female lawmakers from both sides of the aisle walked off the floor of the Utah State Senate and refused to vote on a bill that later passed on Tuesday, which mandates that women be shown an ultrasound before they receive an abortion…

Under the new bill, however, doctors could be fined $100,000 or more if they perform the procedure without showing a pregnant woman an image from an ultrasound and making the fetal heartbeat audible, if possible.

Republican Sen. Deidre Henderson said the walkout protested the “invasive nature” of the bill…

“I am very pro-life, and always vote for pro-life bills. But I’m concerned that we are overstepping with government mandates of medically unnecessary procedures,” Henderson told The Salt Lake Tribune. [Source: Fox News]

Two Republicans, along with four Democrats, walked off the state senate floor to protest this bill. One Republican claimed to be “pro-life,” but complained about this bill. Really? This bill will obviously encourage women not to get abortions. Isn’t the goal of being pro-life?

But in addition to these two Republicans, five other members of the party voted against it. But the bill still passed 16-7.

You have to wonder how any Republican would oppose this bill. If you’re pro-life, your ultimate goal is to end the evil practice of abortion in this country. This bill doesn’t do that, but it might save a few lives. Shouldn’t any pro-life lawmaker support it?

The woman claimed the walkout was not planned. M-kay. They just happened to have the camera ready, though.

Confused why Republicans actually voted against a pro-life bill? Don’t be too surprised. After all, Planned Parenthood donates money to many politicians—both liberal and conservative.

And all those millions dumped into the abortion-org’s lap. Yeah, Republicans vote on those bills, too.

Makes you wonder which side these lawmakers are on?

At least the bill was passed, making it more likely it will be signed into law.

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