US Officials Beg Foreign Adversaries For Help After Vaccine Failures

When Donald Trump left office, the vaccination program was moving at a rapid clip. “Operation Warp Speed” was on track to vaccinate 1 million Americans a day. We had two viable vaccines with a third on the way. The president was ensuring more doses will be available for all Americans by April.

Then, Joe Biden entered the White House.

Not only did he change the name of the program, but his team of incompetent buffoons screwed everything else up. They lost at least 20 million doses of the vaccine. Reports came out of doses spoiling when they reached the states. And shortages are mounting, pushing back the promised back from April to July (perhaps much longer). The smooth, ground-breaking success created by Trump was totally destroyed by Biden—much like everything else this administration is doing.

Americans might not be able to get vaccinated soon enough. But it’s worse. Because of shortages thanks to the Biden administration, U.S. officials overseas can’t even get vaccinated. It’s so bad, they are seeking help from foreign countries, including Russia.

U.S. officials posted in nations that have low-grade medical capabilities are reportedly having to seek vaccines from foreign governments, including Russia, due to the lack of supply of vaccines coming from the Biden administration…

“In Russia, some State Department personnel appealed to Moscow for doses of its Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine after Washington could not promise the delivery of U.S.-made vaccine doses in the near future, officials said.”…

“It’s embarrassing for the world’s richest country to require the charity of other nations when it comes to vaccines,” one U.S. official in the Middle East told the newspaper, “especially when you consider that the best vaccines were made in the U.S.” [Source: Daily Wire]

How pathetic do you have to be to screw up a program already working? But it’s gotten so bad under Biden, that he had to lay an egg this week by claiming they “had no” vaccines when he entered office. Um, no Joe, we had two vaccines—with millions of doses. You screwed the pooch because your head is full of rotting jelly.

It’s a disgrace to our country that our government refuses to provide vaccines to our officials working abroad. To leave them high and dry, to the point that they have to beg other countries, is unacceptable. It harkens back to other times, when a Democratic administration abandoned our people overseas when they needed us the most.

The real kicker is, the Russian vaccine might not even be viable. Yet it is a better option for our officials, considering Biden is providing… nothing.

A senior U.S. official even admitted that Biden has “no real plan” for helping U.S. diplomats outside the country. Hmm… you’d think the President of the United States would have known that diplomats need help too. Or is Biden even making decisions on his own?

From all appearances, the people Biden has calling the shots are morons with no experience or leadership ability. From his cabinet picks to his press secretary, the Biden administration is made up of idiots who are as bad at performing as the man himself.

For the government to be unable to provide help to our diplomats? They should be ashamed.

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