Unvaccinated Workers Score Major Victory In Fight For Medical Freedom

Finally: some good news.

In what will eventually be known as “The Era of Lunacy” by historians decades from now: a time when no one was allowed to tell the truth about basic facts: a period when reality was twisted and censored to appease leftists: a dystopian hellscape where creepy liberals force medical treatment: workers were finally granted a victory after months of back-and-forth over Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate.

The labor market is in total shambles as most Americans wish not to be subjected to such a heinous invasion of privacy. Not only that, Democrats have sweetened the deal and made it almost more advantageous to remain on unemployment than to actually work. Not to mention the inevitable tax increase the Biden administration is set to impose despite campaign promises of the contrary.

Airlines have been making headlines as of late since many of them are headquartered in GOP-run states where vaccine mandates remain wholly illegal.

Some have decided to proceed with mandates, some refuse to subject their employees to tyranny.

Southwest is the latest major airline to back down from a plan to force unvaccinated workers to lose their job and go on unpaid leave after Dec. 8 — the day Biden’s mandate goes into effect.

Steve Goldberg, Southwest’s senior vice president of operations and hospitality, and Julie Weber, vice president and chief people officer, wrote to employees Friday that if they did not have an exemption approved by the Dec. 8 deadline, they could continue working until a decision had been made on their exemption request. Employees have until Nov. 24 to complete their vaccination or request a exemption.

While it’s now possible to see the forest from the trees, this doesn’t necessarily translate to total freedom for Southwest employees; the company is still planning to abide by Biden’s vaccine mandate. The company is still requiring new hires to be fully vaccinated before they are brought on board.

However, employees will continue to be paid while their exemption requests are reviewed, and those who are denied will be allowed to continue working until the company can come up with an equitable solution.

The decision by Southwest comes after hundreds of employees, customers, and proponents of medical freedom protested outside their headquarters in Dallas, Texas on Monday. A slew of canceled flights resulted from the protests, forcing airline decision makers back to the negotiating table.

Southwest denies that the protests in any way contributed to mass cancelations.

Southwest isn’t the only airline to backtrack from initial vaccine requirements. American Airlines is apparently also looking at loosening its requirements in the short term. Delta Airlines isn’t requiring vaccination at all.

United, the airline no one really takes anyway, implemented a vaccine mandate for employees back in August, well before the Biden administration announced their plan. They report 96% of their employees have been vaccinated.

Author: Asa McCue