Unhinged MSNBC Guest Calls for Trump to Be Locked up in Jail

How much do Democrats fear Donald Trump? Much more than you realize. The man has been out of power for over a year now. He’s been kicked off of social media. He cannot sign anything into law, set policy, or pass executive orders. He’s not even running for office this year. Yet Democrats are so terrified of the man, they keep making him front-page news.

Pelosi continues to scramble to find dirt on him. They’ve gone down this road several times before, with Russia, the first impeachment, and the second impeachment. Now, her “commission” is desperately trying to find evidence to confirm their already foregone conclusion. All to prevent Trump from returning to office.

But that’s not all. The media keeps pushing extreme views about Trump, views that nobody in their right mind could believe. In fact, one sad MSNBC contributor made a wild claim. Only idiots at this point believe this stuff.

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson said Wednesday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump was such a “direct danger to American democracy” he had to be “jailed.”

“…I don’t care if he’s found guilty of treason if he’s found guilty for violating records. I don’t care if they find he has a Blockbuster VHS tape from 1998 that he never returned and owes $100 million and has to go to jail. I don’t care. The fact of the matter is the guy has been so obvious about being a direct danger to American democracy that he has to be jailed. He has to be punished.” [Source: Breitbart]

Wow, these guys are getting desperate. Johnson claims that only “30%” of America wants Trump back in office. If that were true, then there’d be nothing to worry about. Thirty percent is not nearly enough to win a primary, let alone a general election. Yet despite saying this, the man desperately calls for Trump to go to jail, for anything.

He says he doesn’t care if it’s over a Blockbuster tape he never returned. It doesn’t matter, he claims, he just needs to be in jail. Lol, the lady doth protest too much. Johnson’s breathless advocacy for Trump to be in jail betrays his own motives. He wants Trump in jail, not because he’s truly a threat to democracy, but because he knows Trump is going to win again.

Democrats’ hatred for Trump has nothing to do with their wild claims against him. The only people threatening democracy are Democrats, as they oppose voter ID, strong election protections, and basic standards for preventing voter fraud. It seems every attack they make against Trump tells us more about themselves than he.

At this point, we cannot believe a word the media says about Trump. Johnson himself admitted that most people no longer trust the media. He then unironically talks about jailing a man who has broken no laws. The lack of self-awareness among Democrats these days is hilarious. They call for the jailing of a political rival, then bemoan an attack on our democracy.

This is the real reason Democrats will lose big in the coming years.

Author: Mimi Lincoln