Unearthed Video Shows Just How Evil Mainstream Media Really Is

Anyone with at least two brain cells in their head knows the Jan. 6 protest was a convenient Deep State set-up to justify overthrowing Donald Trump, censoring his words, and banishing him from ever seeking another presidency for as long as he lives.

This blatant fact was confirmed by a New York Times reporter who was caught on camera admitting the truth about the media’s inflammatory hysteria surrounding the protest.

A national security correspondent for The New York Times said the media’s coverage of the Jan. 6 debacle was “overblown” and that events of Jan. 6, 2021 were “no big deal,” according to undercover video released Tuesday by Project Veritas.

[source: The Daily Caller]

NYT correspondent Matthew Rosenberg and his colleagues have described the reported presence of FBI plants among the rioters outside of the U.S. Capitol a year earlier as a “reimagining” of the “attack.” But in the Project Veritas video, which appears to have been recorded without his knowledge, Rosenberg paints a different picture and claims that “there were a ton of FBI informants amongst the people who attacked the capitol.”

“I know I’m supposed to be traumatized,” Rosenberg said in the video, “but like, all these colleagues who were in the (Capitol) building and are like, ‘Oh my God it was so scary!’ I’m like, ‘fuck off!’”

In the video, Rosenberg described the day of the Capitol Riot as “fun,” although he previously reported that the event was “a violent interruption to the transition of power,” according to Project Veritas. “It was like, me and two other colleagues who were there outside and we were just having fun,” Rosenberg said.

The media’s overreaction to the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol as an organized insurrection gave room for right-wing figures to downplay the day’s events completely, Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg described his workplace at the NYT as “not the kind of place where I can tell someone to man up,” but he said “I kind of want to be like, ‘dude come on, you were not in any danger,’” according to the video. “These fucking little dweebs who keep going on about their trauma … Shut the fuck up. They’re fucking bitches,” Rosenberg said of his colleagues at the NYT.

“They were making it too big a deal,” Rosenberg said of the political left. “They were making this some organized thing that it wasn’t.”

It goes without saying, but it also bares repeating: The establishment media is nothing but a propaganda machine for the Democrat Party. They are the enemy the average American citizen should be concerned about — not Putin or any other foreign adversary.

The way in which mainstream media outlets are venerated as legitimate when they so blatantly push the most destructive narratives in order to run cover for the liberal elite is evil incarnate.

How about the way “news” outlets have suddenly forgotten about the coronavirus pandemic as if it never occurred and didn’t cause mass devastation for years?

Gone like tears in the rain only to make room for the next propaganda cycle…

Author: Asa McCue