Ukraine’s President Asks for Help–6 Americans Volunteer to Fight

At the time of this writing, Ukraine still stands. Russian forces have been bombarding it for nearly a week. World leaders have expressed their frustration, with countries offering varying levels of help. But what President Zelensky really needs are resources to fight. And, it seems, that includes soldiers.

It doesn’t seem that NATO or the U.S. is willing to engage in war with Russia. Pretty conveniently, since Russia appears ready to fight anyone. So, Zelensky is asking anyone who is willing to come and fight for Ukraine. He is arming citizens with weapons to shoot back at Russian forces. And now, six Americans are joining the fray.

A team of 10 special forces veterans, including six Americans, is taking up Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on his offer to join in the military battle against Russia, according to a new report.

The group, which also includes three members from the United Kingdom and one from Germany, are NATO-trained and experienced in combat.

“They want to be among the first to officially join the new International Legion of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine that Zelensky announced Sunday,” according to text messages reviewed by BuzzFeed News.  

“Two former American infantry officers are also making plans to come to Ukraine to provide ‘leadership’ for the group,” the report added. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is interesting. A group of special forces veterans, along with two infantry officers, are heading to Ukraine to help in the fight against Russia. They are willing to risk their lives for a country they are not citizens of, while the United States sits on its hands. These Americans will be joined by at least three UK soldiers and one from Germany.

We shouldn’t be surprised if this motivates more people to join the fight. It is reminiscent of stories from WWII, where Americans signed up with European armies to fight Hitler when the U.S. had not yet entered the war. Does this mean that the United States will eventually get dragged into a larger conflict?

That, we cannot predict. But it seems these soldiers aren’t sitting around waiting. Their combat experience could be crucial in slowing Russia’s advancements. Right now, Zelensky is hoping to hold off Russia long enough for help to arrive. If Ukraine can put up enough of a defense, Putin will eventually be forced to retreat. Economic sanctions, although seemingly ineffective, might put a big enough strain for Russia to reconsider.

But how long will that take? And how long can Ukraine hold out, while Putin fires missiles at their cities?

This special forces team appears to be the first to join the “International Legion of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine.” Could more be joining them?

Author: Bo Dogan