U.S. Veterans Say Kamala’s ‘Got To Go’

After intentionally insulting U.S. military veterans leading up to Memorial Day, Vice President Kamala Harris scrambled to save face, posting a phony tribute to fallen service members. Kamala received immense backlash online after she failed to mention the U.S. military, instead telling her followers to enjoy “the long weekend” as Memorial Day approached.

Read her disingenuous, half-hearted tribute to our military veterans here:

Just a day before Kamala tweeted a ‘selfie’ showing her signature giggle that everyone just adores (yeah right) and encouraged her sycophants to “enjoy the long weekend” with no mention of why Americans are able to enjoy an extra day off work.

Several people online slammed the Vice President for ignoring the men and women who lost their lives serving this country, ensuring our freedoms, and protecting our liberties – the facets of American life the Biden-Harris administration wish to destroy.

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted in responsed:

President Joe Biden posted a similar tweet about the weekend, without a reference to the military.

Both Biden and Harris did not break with tradition, both giving speeches on Memorial Day. Meanwhile, Harris made history as the first woman to deliver a commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy. Biden gave an address on Sunday, along with a tribute to his fallen son Beau.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth