U.S. Military Is More Concerned With ‘Wokeness’ Than Training Men For Battle

What is the one thing that prevents our enemies from invading? It’s not how much we give in foreign aid, I can tell you that. It’s the threat of our Armed Forces. America remains the land of the free (for now) because of the lethality of our military. A strong, well-equipped, and properly trained military is the one thing that stands in the way of our total destruction.

Trump understood that, which is why he fought to increase funding for our military and ensure they had the best equipment and proper training.

Jump to the Biden era. The military is once again in the hands of career politicians in the Pentagon. The head of the DOD is more concerned with “inclusivity” and rooting our non-existent white supremacy, than they are defending our borders.

Senate Republicans investigated at least one branch of the military. And what they discovered was not pretty.

The Navy’s top brass is more focused on wokeness and diversity training than on winning wars — leaving sailors feeling unprepared to face a 21st century conflict with China, according to a damning report commissioned by Republican lawmakers…

The report, written by Marine Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Robert E. Schmidle and Navy Rear Adm. (Ret.) Mark Montgomery, found after 77 in-depth interviews with sailors of different ranks and jobs that their frustration with non-essential training was “overwhelming.”

“By weighing down sailors with non-combat related training and administrative burdens, both Congress and Navy leaders risk sending them into battle less prepared and less focused than their opponents.” [Source: Breitbart]

This is pretty bad. Sailors of all ranks and positions believe the Navy’s idiotic focus on diversity and liberal politics is getting in the way of their preparedness. One black lieutenant said they care more about her race and gender than making sure she can fight the enemy.

Most of those interviewed reveal they are mostly concerned with defending the United States and our allies from China. It’s no secret (at least to those paying attention) that China is becoming incredibly aggressive out on the sea. They want to dominate major trade routes and push back on anyone that has equal claim.

It’s not entirely out of the question that the United States will be forced to confront the communist country on some level in the near future. And I can guarantee their navy isn’t concerned with diversity and wokeness. They are only concerned with killing the enemy.

What is our Navy going to do, if caught in a dog fight with any one of our enemies? All that bogus “training” on non-combat issue leaves our sailors completely defenseless.

But clearly Joe Biden and his lackies at the Pentagon do not care. In every branch of the military, the left is perverting our Armed Forces as a major front in the war of politics. They are not even a little bit concerned with making sure our soldiers and sailors can fight—the only reason they exist.

Do liberals think Russia, Iran, China, and all the rest will care that our sailors know all about transgenderism? Will our enemies applaud how “progressive” our ship’s crews are? Of course not. Maybe Russia will give us a standing ovation, as our subs and battleships sink to the bottom of the ocean.

There’s only one solution, but there’s no way Democrats are going to find it.

Author: Tim Robertson