U.S. Loses Finest Soldiers As Biden’s Mandate Takes Effect

Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate on U.S. soldiers isn’t his only policy affecting national security, but it sure is the most evil.

Forcing men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country into medical treatment they wouldn’t otherwise consent to is a beyond any imaginable order from a commander in chief.

Yet here we are, in Biden’s America, struggling to reconcile with the utter decline in quality of life thanks to the insidious leftist globalism the cognitively deficient president welcomed in record time. To make matters worse, the American people are forced into a feeling of dread knowing the strongest military in the world is steadily being weakened by forced vaccination from a virus which kills virtually no one, despite what Fake News statistics tell you.

Today marks the day where soldiers are being released from the U.S. military for failure to comply with commander in chief Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The United States Marine Corps has begun to dismiss unvaccinated soldiers, the latest of the major military branches to do so.

On Thursday, a total of 103 marines were dismissed, according to internal reports.

There is a silver lining, however.

The Marines are being dismissed with a general discharge under honorable conditions, the lowest possible grade of discharge that would not cost the Marines their post-military benefits.

The Marine Corps has the highest number of unvaccinated members in all the major branches of the armed forces. Up to 10,000 of the 183,000 active-duty Marines were not fully vaccinated.

The Corps deadline to be fully vaccinated was November 28, coinciding with the date imposed by the Navy, which has jurisdiction over the Marine Corps.

The United States Army has already dismissed six unit leaders, including two officers with command positions, for refusal to comply. The six leaders ranged in rank from sergeant to lieutenant colonel. The two ranking officers also had command posts in active-duty battalions. The Army has another 4,000 soldiers who have refused the vaccine.

The two commanding officers, who the Army refused to name, are the highest ranking officers to be discharged for refusing the vaccine, joining Navy Commander Lucian Kins, executive officer of the destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill.

The Navy and Air Force have already begun to dismiss members of their branches who failed to comply with the vaccine mandate, which was issued on August 10.

It’s also been reported that Biden’s Department of Defense is currently in the process of mandating COVID booster shots for soldiers of all four major branches of service. This comes as Dr. Fauci continues to move the Overton Window, redefining what it means to be “fully vaccinated.”

Author: Asa McCue