U.S. ‘Dying From Within’ — But Trump Can Stop It

Donald Trump delivered a somber message this weekend about the current state of America that was both astoundingly true and difficult to read.

The downfall of this country in such a short period of time is palpable; everyone feels the energy shift; everyone sees their hard-earned dollar diminishing; but no one can do anything about it.

A majority of voters – 81 million at least – voted to keep Donald Trump in office, only to be met with an arsenal of weapons used to cheat the American people and install the barely-functioning Biden as chief White House puppet.

As a result, we’re now left with an open border, a crumbling economy, and a major stain on America.

In a statement released to his Save America website, the Former President declared the country “is dying from within and nobody is doing anything to stop it.”

Donald Trump bemoaned multiple crises facing the country —from the migrant surge to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan — but has a solution to immediately reverse some of the damage.

Step one, according to Trump, is to “FINISH THE WALL.”

Trump’s fury over the wall comes in the wake of the attorneys general of Texas and Missouri filing suit against the Biden administration to use congressional funds set aside for border wall construction to finish the job — and data showing U.S. Border Patrol arrests reached the highest levels ever recorded during the 2021 fiscal year.

You can read Trump’s entire statement below:

Trump echoed the sentiments of most Americans in his statement when he eviscerated Biden’s botched evacuation mission from Afghanistan and his inability to vet the refugees currently pouring in from the war torn region.

According to Trump, “97 percent of the people that came in from Afghanistan rushed the planes and should not be here.”

Trump is wrong: 100% of the Afghan refugees should not be here.

Upon Biden’s ascent and his subsequent tyrannical style of ruling, you begin to get the sense this was planned all along.

Without descending into the realm of conspiracy, it seems; however, that the decline of the ‘Great American Experiment’ was what globalist liberals had in mind all along.

Why else would they implement policies that in no way ports to America’s success and longevity?

Without a a strong detractor, a voice of opposition against the liberal elite who seek America’s destruction (in the name of empathy), it becomes more and more difficult to see the forest from the trees.

Donald Trump is needed now more than ever.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth