Twitter Makes Desperate Move To Silence The President

In an effort to prevent free discussion about the pandemic, social networks have censored numerous posts about the virus. They have even silenced leading doctors and experts who contradict the left’s doom-and-gloom scenario. President Trump contracted the disease and recovered in record time, thanks to the work of many brilliant doctors. But after Trump celebrated his own recovery, guess what Twitter did?

It’s no secret that social networks are taking their policies from books like 1984. Hey Facebook! That isn’t a How-to guide, it’s a warning that was should never do it. Instead, social networks work overtime to silence, shadowban, and discourage any form of speech they deem unacceptable. Which means, anything that is right of center and pro-Trump, they seek to silence.

The only reason they sometimes fail, is because there are so many Trump supporters online. But time and again, we learn the Democrats who run our favorite sites try extra-hard to keep you from seeing the truth.

They kicked this up into overdrive since the pandemic hit. Knowing the virus wasn’t as bad as people claimed in March, social sites decided to suppress information that revealed cases are declining, the death counts are inaccurate, and that there are many treatments to the disease. After all, if there’s hope, there is no reason for Democrats to keep lockdowns in place—thus giving the economy a needed boost.

President Trump contracted COVID—which has been the worst thing for the left, ever. If he had gotten really sick, it would have sparked major sympathy. But if he recovered (which he did), it would prove COVID is nothing. After all, Trump is in his 70’s, part of the most vulnerable group.

To prevent people from learning Trump recovered in just 3 days, Twitter actually censored one of his tweets.

In what has become an increasingly common occurrence this election season, Twitter has censored another one of the President’s tweets, this time about his personal recovery from coronavirus.

“A total and complete sign off from White House Doctors yesterday,” said the President’s tweet. “That means I can’t get it (immune), and can’t give it. Very nice to know!!!”

Twitter accused this simple message from the President of spreading “misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19,” and has hidden it behind a warning message that users must click through in order to access the tweet. [Source: Breitbart]

Pathetic. Trump should know better than anyone of his condition. If his doctors told he was immune and can’t spread it (which means he can continue his campaign), then it’s true. Why would Twitter want to hide that? He’s not spreading “misinformation.” He’s literally saying what the doctors told him.

Twitter doesn’t want people to see how quickly they can recover from COVID. They also don’t want people to know that Trump is returning to the campaign and his historic rallies. They, like the rest of the left, want you to stay in a constant state of fear and panic—and blame Trump for it.

Social media sites like Twitter should be bastions of free speech and open discussion. But that would mean Trump supporters could openly share their views for the world. We can’t have that! So, the website goes out of its way to shame, silence, and intimidate anyone that doesn’t march to their tune.

When they are so scared of the truth, they’d censor the President of the United States? You know they’ve lost, big time.

But how far will this go before it bites Twitter in the rear? Not far enough, it seems. The more they attack and silence their own users, the more they’ll see them bleed to other sites.

These groups aren’t Big Brother. And they’ll only realize that, when nobody’s left using them.

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