Twitter Ban Doesn’t Stop Trump From Being Hilarious

Former President Donald Trump released another hilarious statement from his desk at Mar-a-Lago. In it, he hopes to remind the American people of exactly where the vaccine started and why it’s so successful. 

Trump’s statements are beginning to resemble his tweets of yore – always hilarious and always triggering for liberals. 

His permanent twitter ban did not stop him from reminding readers that if it had not been for his efforts as president, the vaccine would have faced immense roadblocks. 

Trump’s has released numerous e-mail statements since leaving office, but lately they’ve begun to get shorter and shorter, resembling his most infamous (and hilarious) tweets. 

Here Trump sends out a statement recruiting pro-MAGA NFL Star Herschel Walker to the U.S. Senate:

In a statement earlier this week, Trump bashed RINO Republicans:

Trump has used these statements to endorse several Republican candidates as well. 

These statements have become just as effective as his twitter account. Liberal journalists fawn over them, supporters are amused by them, and EVERYONE is paying attention to them. 

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