Trump’s Peace Deal Prevents Total Chaos In Middle East

Every single peace deal the Trump Administration brokered during the Abraham Accords has remained intact – not one Arab country has withdrawn, nor has Israel. The agreements established peace normalized relations with Israel and many Islamic countries, truly a historic event that gets little recognition from the international press. Given the escalation of violence in the region between Israel and Hamas, it comes as a shock to see the deals remain intact. Despite Hamas launching barrages of missiles into Israel, America’s ally has firmly committed to peace with Arab nations involved in the Abraham Accords.

Then-President Donald Trump hosted Arab leaders from the Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates at the White House for a signing ceremony. Later in the year, Sudan and Morocco joined the Accords – as did the Muslim nation of Kosovo, normalizing relations with neighboring Serbia.

Palestinians have attempted to inflame anti-Israel sentiment throughout the region and the world, but the Trump-era agreements remain intact.

Proof of the new Arab-Israel allegiance played out this weekend when it was reported the UAE warned Hamas terrorists On Saturday to cease military action in the Gaza region. The UAE urged Hamas to remain peaceful, especially near Gaza, as their terrorist action is endangering a planned joint infrastructure project the two groups agreed to earlier in the year. The UAE’s insistence on peace with Israel is a major sign the new Arab alliances are not only working, but preventing further violence.

An unnamed official from the UAE spoke with Israeli reporters this weekend:

“We are still ready and willing to promote civil projects in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and under UN management [in Gaza], but our necessary condition is calm,”

“If Hamas does not commit to complete calm, it is dooming the residents of the Strip to a life of suffering. Its leaders must understand that their policies are first and foremost hurting the people of Gaza.”

Additionally, Palestinian leaders balked at other Arab leaders for lack of communication during the military tensions with Israel. The Authority revealed that, while they’ve been in contact with several Western leaders, including Joe Biden, no Arab leaders have reached out. This suggests many Arab nations in the region are willing to isolate Palestine and their Hamas terrorists to remain peaceful with Israel, and in turn the West.

While major concerns have been raised, Arab countries that signed agreements with Israel have yet to withdraw, even as violence in the region heightens. Many Islamic countries realize the same radical terrorists groups – funded completely by Iran – are not only a threat to Israel, but to their nations as well.

Anti-Trump critics have tried (and failed) to prove that the current violence in the Middle East proves his Middle East peace deals have failed, or even made matters worse.

Meanwhile, those Arab nations that have agreed to peace with Israel have signaled that they intend to keep their end of the deal. Despite Hamas’s effort to disturb the deals, the Abraham Accords have in fact remained strong.

Author: Asa McCue