Trump’s One-Word Reply To Senate Voting Against National Emergency

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

The Senate shocked the country when they voted against Trump’s national emergency. They passed a resolution condemning the president and his efforts to end the crisis at our border. The ugly vote, supported by Republicans, was a betrayal of every American. Trump had one response.

Few people can honestly ignore the growing crisis on the border. For months we’ve seen the problem grow into a catastrophe. Countless migrants from across South America have rushed our border, demanding asylum. This is the end result of years of Democrat policy that have turned our border into a revolving door.

Our open border is a magnet to many fleeing justice from other countries. Drug cartels sneak over the border, to spread their poison across the U.S. Human smugglers and sex traffickers get over the border, with little problems.

Border Patrol works overtime to prevent this massive problem from exploding out of control. But thanks to the Democrats’ refusal to do anything, it’s only gotten worse. Millions in South America believe they can just walk into the United States, our laws be damned.

Many times, President Trump has sought ways to secure our border with help from Congress. But both corrupt Democrats and Anti-Trump Republicans have refused to cooperate. The GOP lost the House, thanks in part to many within the party turning on Trump.

Despite that, Trump is determined to secure our border with a wall. The last recourse he had was to declare a national emergency so he could use military funds to build the wall. And after countless fights, obstruction, and government shutdowns, he did just that.

In typical fashion, the D.C. swamp fought back. The Senate passed a resolution condemning the president’s Constitutional action. So, he had one word for them.

President Donald Trump issued a one-word Twitter response to news that the Senate had voted to sustain a resolution opposing the president’s use of the “national emergency” to reroute funds from other military priorities to the building the border wall.

The Senate voted 59-41 to pass the measure, declaring they would not support a “national emergency” declaration on the southern border should the president decide to send one to Congress. [Source: Daily Wire]

Twelve Republicans joined in this disgraceful attack on the president’s authority. That includes Rand Paul and—big surprise—Anti-Trumper Mitt Romney.

What were these Republicans thinking? Are they against a secure border? Don’t they realize our national security, prosperity, and way of life are under siege by our open border? Can’t they see that the Democrats have been exploiting illegal immigration for years, just to pad their election results?

I guess “sending a message” to Trump is more important than protecting the very people who voted for them.

To their credit Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse voted against the resolution. Sasse rejected the resolution for good reason, to condemn Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for refusing to work with Trump on securing the border.

He, like the rest of us, is outraged that Congress refuses to fulfill their mission to defend this country. After so many attempts to secure the border, Trump took the only route left. And, ironically, the only route that will be sure to work.

Trump responded with just one word to this despicable resolution: “VETO.”

As president, he has the final authority to cancel out this ridiculous resolution. The only way Congress can override him is with a 2/3 majority vote. I don’t think they’re going to get it.

This is not the first time the corrupt D.C. swamp took great steps to violate this president’s lawful authority. Every time Trump signed an executive order to help you and me, liberals fired back with countless lawsuits.

Democrats have launched investigations to undermine and persecute the duly elected President of the United States. They have used the media to spread lies about Russian collusion to delegitimize President Trump.

Not to mention the endless slander from liberal pundits, celebrities, news hosts, and politicians.

All to stop a man who simply wants to put Americans first. Everyone else? They want to put powerful businesses and foreign nations ahead of you and me.

Let that sink in.

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